Top 10 Influential Native American Subject Experts in New Mexico

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Native American law is a unique blend of federal law, state law, and tribal law, involving dispute resolution pertaining to tribal sovereignty, criminal, natural resources, and gaming law matters, among others. New Mexico, steeped in Native American culture and having a significant indigenous population, manifests a wealth of practitioners with proficiency in this vital field. features ten exceptional lawyers from the Land of Enchantment who are outstanding in Native American law.

These lawyers have an intimate understanding of the issues affecting Native American communities, which allows them to advocate for their clients’ rights effectively. Equipped with varied expertise that includes criminal defense, dispute resolution via negotiation, litigation, and advice on regulatory matters, they commit to providing an outstanding standard of legal service. The lawyers listed below have cemented themselves as influential figures in this area of law, serving a wide range of clients from various tribal entities.

The area of Native American law is complex and diverse, necessitating lawyers who can successfully navigate these intricate legal waters while upholding the highest standards of ethical commitment. From natural resources development rights on tribal lands to gaming law issues, these professionals are well-versed and passionate about the matters they undertake.

Deana M. Bennett, Modrall Sperling

Deana Bennett upholds her reputation for expert counsel on natural resources development on public and tribal land at Modrall Sperling. Her advice on rights of way across Native American land comes highly recommended by her peers and clients.

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Vanessa L. Ray-Hodge, Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry

With no firm website listed, Vanessa Ray-Hodge sustains her recognition in the market for her comprehensive expertise in Native American law space, particularly in relation to water rights and energy matters.

Marc Lowry, Rothstein Donatelli LLP

Among his peers, Marc Lowry stands out for his proficiency in Native American criminal law at Rothstein Donatelli LLP. His acumen in white-collar crime matters is particularly noteworthy.

Greg Kelly, Frye & Kelly P.C.

Greg Kelly contributes his significant expertise to his Native American law practice, representing tribal clients in administrative proceedings and litigation, as well as advising on numerous commercial transactions. No firm website is listed for Greg Kelly.

Richard W. Hughes, Rothstein Donatelli LLP

Also at Rothstein Donatelli LLP, Richard Hughes is commended for his enduring representation of tribal clients. His practice covers disputes involving environmental and gaming issues, as well as jurisdictional matters.

Lynn H. Slade, Modrall Sperling

At the forefront of the Native American law scene is Lynn Slade of Modrall Sperling. His expert handling of regulatory matters and high-value disputes attract an impressive roster of nationwide clients. Additionally, Lynn represents businesses in collaborative projects with Native American communities.

Paul Frye, Frye & Kelly P.C.

Paul Frye specializes in litigation for tribal clients, appearing before various courts, and dealing with high-value disputes involving tribal sovereign immunity and transactions and financings. His firm’s website has not been listed.

David Yepa, VanAmberg, Rogers, Yepa, Abeita, Gomez & Works, LLP

No firm website citing, but David Yepa’s expertise in personal injury and gaming law matters in the field of Native American law is nonetheless well recognized in New Mexico.

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Christina S. West, Barnhouse Keegan Solimon & West LLP

With no firm website available, Christina West draws attention for her extensive experience in both contentious and transactional Native American law matters. She represents tribal clients in liability and constitutional law disputes while also advising on governance and real estate mandates.

David C. Mielke, Sonosky, Chambers, Sachse, Endreson & Perry

Finally, David Mielke, with no firm’s website listed, is universally known as a leading figure in Native American law. His practice encompasses various sectors such as employment law and gaming. He remains a top choice of counsel for tribal entities.

Judged on their significant work in a challenging, varied, and ever-evolving field, these New Mexico-based attorneys are indubitably among the finest practitioners of Native American Law in the United States today.

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