Top 10 Influential Louisiana Bankruptcy Lawyers Making Waves in 2023

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Bankruptcy and restructuring law are complex and high-stakes areas of law that require lawyers with the experience, skill, and knowledge to navigate these difficult waters. Louisiana’s legal landscape is enriched by remarkably seasoned and accomplished practitioners in this field, providing top-notch counsel to a diverse range of clients. This selection of attorneys possesses extensive practical knowledge and skills, coupled with a keen understanding of the intricacies of the law and the unique challenges posed by bankruptcy and restructuring litigations.

The Louisiana legal scene boasts a host of highly qualified and seasoned bankruptcy and restructuring attorneys, hailed for their impressive breadth of knowledge in this area of law. They excel in handling all aspects of Chapter 11 filings, represent both debtors and creditor committees, and provide important guidance and advice on transactions involving distressed assets and debtor-in-possession financing. This selection includes litigators renowned for their abilities to both drive and defend complicated bankruptcy matters.

They represent a variety of sectors, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, and the oil and gas sector. Their work is not just recognized and respected in Louisiana, but also has a strong national presence, reflecting the high level of their skills, experience, and unwavering commitment to their clients’ best outcomes. Let’s delve into the profiles of some of the prominent bankruptcy and restructuring lawyers in Louisiana.

R Patrick Vance

A seasoned attorney at Jones Walker LLP, R Patrick Vance is highly sought after for his expertise in commercial disputes, bankruptcy, and employment cases. With experience spanning across several sectors, Patrick provides comprehensive legal solutions in financial services, telecommunications, and healthcare.

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Ricardo “Richard” A Aguilar

With profound experience in handling complex commercial disputes, Adams and Reese LLP‘s Ricardo “Richard” A Aguilar specializes in bankruptcy-related litigation. Known for his professionalism and prowess in the field, Ricardo continues to deliver successful outcomes for his clients.

Benjamin W. Kadden

Lugenbuhl, Wheaton, Peck, Rankin & Hubbard‘s Benjamin W. Kadden handles all aspects of Chapter 11 filings. Boasting a wealth of experience representing both debtors and creditor committees, Kadden has earned his reputation as an extremely adept lawyer in his field.

Stephen P Strohschein

Stephen P Strohschein is a standout bankruptcy lawyer who represents lenders in bankruptcy proceedings amongst his wide array of legal services. With profound expertise in legal matters, Stephen continues to pioneer in the rapidly evolving realm of bankruptcy law.

William E Steffes

The legal counsel at Steffes, Vingiello & McKenzie LLC, William E Steffes is a highly regarded figure in the Louisiana legal realm with his longstanding experience handling bankruptcy matters.

Elizabeth J Futrell

The skilled bankruptcy attorney at Jones Walker LLP, Elizabeth J Futrell, is often chosen by clients for her invaluable experience in Chapter 11 cases. Elizabeth is recognized as a leader in bankruptcy law, providing unparalleled legal services to her clients.

Stewart F Peck

Noted for his eminent representation of creditor and debtor in bankruptcy proceedings, Stewart F Peck of Lugenbuhl, Wheaton, Peck, Rankin & Hubbard predominantly serves clients in the oil and gas sector. Peck’s exceptional reputation as a bankruptcy lawyer stands on his unwavering commitment to represent his clients’ best interests.

Brandon Brown

Brandon Brown is a renowned name in bankruptcy proceedings and commercial litigation. Both debtors and creditors frequently seek his services due to his deep expertise and skills in the field.

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John M Duck

John M Duck, a highly coveted bankruptcy lawyer at Adams and Reese LLP, is an authority in handling Chapter 11 proceedings. His specialty also includes conducting transactions involving distressed assets and providing debtor-in-possession financing.

William H Patrick III

Spanning both bankruptcy and corporate restructuring matters, William H Patrick III of Fishman Haygood LLP is well versed in all aspects of bankruptcy law. Known both at the state and national level, Patrick is hailed as one of the leading practitioners in the field.

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