Top 10 Influential Life Sciences Lawyers Impacting Poland’s Regulatory Landscape

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A thriving life sciences industry requires competent and experienced legal representation to navigate the complex landscape of regulations, reimbursements, and distribution strategies. In Poland, there are several notable lawyers who specialize in life sciences, providing invaluable guidance to pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and other industry stakeholders. In this article, we will highlight some of the interesting and highly regarded life sciences lawyers in Poland, showcasing their expertise and contributions to the field.

Ewa Rutkowska – Kieszkowska Rutkowska Kolasiński

Ewa Rutkowska, of the Kieszkowska Rutkowska Kolasiński law firm, is a prominent figure in the Polish life sciences market. With a wide range of expertise, she handles critical matters such as distribution, reimbursement, product liability, and regulatory issues. Her in-depth understanding of the industry enables her to effectively represent and counsel her clients, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Visit Ewa Rutkowska’s website.

Tomasz Jaworski – Tomasik Jaworski sp.p.

Tomasz Jaworski, a partner at Tomasik Jaworski sp.p., specializes in litigation and regulatory affairs for international pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers. He brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table, assisting his clients in navigating complex legal challenges and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. To learn more about Tomasz Jaworski and his firm, visit their website.

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Monika Duszyńska – Monika Duszyńska Kancelaria Adwokacka

Monika Duszyńska, founder of Monika Duszyńska Kancelaria Adwokacka, is well-versed in reimbursement matters, distribution issues, and regulatory concerns within the life sciences industry. Her comprehensive knowledge and sharp legal acumen assist her in providing effective legal representation and tailored advice to her clients. For more information about Monika Duszyńska and her practice, please visit her website.

Walery Arnaudow – MOYERS

Walery Arnaudow, a respected lawyer at MOYERS, specializes in advising clients on distribution strategies. Representing both public and private sector clients, he possesses a deep understanding of the intricacies of the life sciences industry. His unique perspective and insights make him a valued advisor for companies seeking guidance on strategic distribution decisions. Visit MOYERS’ website to learn more about Walery Arnaudow.

Paulina Kieszkowska-Knapik – Kieszkowska Rutkowska Kolasiński

Paulina Kieszkowska-Knapik, a dedicated lawyer at Kieszkowska Rutkowska Kolasiński, lends her expertise to domestic and international pharmaceutical clients. Her extensive knowledge spans distribution and reimbursement issues, litigation, and regulatory aspects. With a meticulous approach, she ensures that her clients’ interests are protected and pursued in the constantly-evolving life sciences sector.

Katarzyna Czyżewska – Czyżewscy Kancelaria Adwokacka

Katarzyna Czyżewska, a leading practitioner, advises on a myriad of life sciences matters, including reimbursement issues, production and manufacturing, and regulatory concerns. Her proficiency in navigating complex legal frameworks allows her to provide clients with reliable guidance and strategic solutions. To find out more about Katarzyna Czyżewska and her practice, visit their website.

Oskar Luty – FAIRFIELD

Oskar Luty, a respected lawyer at FAIRFIELD, has earned a strong market reputation for his expertise in medical devices matters. His profound understanding of the specific legal challenges faced by medical device manufacturers enables him to guide his clients effectively and ensure compliance with applicable regulations. To learn more about Oskar Luty and FAIRFIELD, visit their website.

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Michał Czarnuch – Domański Zakrzewski Palinka

Michał Czarnuch, an established name in the life sciences sector, focuses on providing insightful advice to international pharmaceutical companies on reimbursement and distribution issues. His comprehensive understanding of the industry and extensive legal experience make him a trusted advocate for his clients. For more information about Michał Czarnuch and Domański Zakrzewski Palinka, visit their website.

Marcin Tomasik – Tomasik Jaworski sp.p.

Marcin Tomasik, a well-established practitioner, handles various matters related to licensing, regulatory issues, and pharma-centred disputes. With his vast experience and expertise, he provides crucial legal counsel to clients in the life sciences industry, ensuring their interests are protected. To find out more about Marcin Tomasik and his firm, visit their website.

Tomasz Kaczyński – Domański Zakrzewski Palinka

Tomasz Kaczyński, a versatile lawyer at Domański Zakrzewski Palinka, handles a range of matters, including litigations, reimbursements, and distributions. His well-rounded skill set and deep industry knowledge enable him to provide comprehensive legal counsel to clients operating in the life sciences sector. Visit their website to learn more about Tomasz Kaczyński and his firm.

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