Top 10 Influential Lawyers Shaping Puerto Rico’s Real Estate Landscape

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In Puerto Rico, the world of corporate and commercial real estate law is marked by several stalwarts who have continued to provide their expert advice and legal services over the years. These legal professionals bring a wide spectrum of experience, industry knowledge, and commitment to their clients. Here, we take a glimpse of some of the most interesting and respected real estate lawyers in Puerto Rico and their contributions to this domain.

These lawyers are the linchpins in structuring, financing and development of real estate projects. Their strategic advisory and planning capabilities have paved the way for the successful implementation of mega housing and tourism infrastructure developments. The lawyers discussed here are revered for their stellar contributions and for consistently delivering high quality legal advisory that aligns with business needs.

The ability to perfectly understand the specific intricacies of Puerto Rican corporate and commercial real estate industry, processing complex legal information and providing articulate advisory to their clients are few of the attributes that have set these individuals apart from others in the market. Here are the formidable real estate lawyers working in Puerto Rico:

Harry Cook

A partner with McConnell Valdés LLC, Harry Cook is celebrated for his outstanding practice in real estate finance. Known for his acumen in handling resort development, structuring real estate joint ventures and planning timeshare, condominium and single-family lot development programmes, Cook’s business-centric advice is highly appreciated by his clients.

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Arnaldo Villamil

At Goldman Antonetti & Córdova, Arnaldo Villamil, a seasoned practitioner, is recognised for his long-standing experience in dealing with leasing matters and real estate divestitures. Villamil’s profound presence in the marketplace is well-respected by industry peers.

Silvestre Miranda

A senior statesperson at McConnell Valdés LLC, Silvestre Miranda is known for his intelligent and respectful approach towards structuring, financing and developing complex residential, tourism and mixed-use real estate projects.

Antonio Molina-Machargo

Partner at Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC, Antonio Molina-Machargo concentrates on the development of commercial and residential real estate projects, where he is recognised for his deep understanding of corporate law.

Jaime E Santos

Also a partner with Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC, Jaime E Santos is cherished for his vast know-how of corporate and real estate transactions. Santos is endorsed by clients for his ability to provide practical solutions to complex matters.

Viviana Miranda-Ortiz

Working with O’Neill & Borges LLC, Viviana Miranda-Ortiz is a reputable figure in the sector known for her work on mortgage matters and financing tourism infrastructure in Puerto Rico.

Jorge Ruiz-Montilla

At McConnell Valdés LLC, respected partner Jorge Ruiz-Montilla is well-equipped to advise on the development of residential, commercial and tourism real estate projects, as well as corporate acquisitions and the creation of governance structures for resort communities.

Salvador Casellas

Also a part of McConnell Valdés LLC, Salvador Casellas is extensively sought by clients for his expertise in selling, leasing and acquiring real estate assets. His ability to handle high-profile transactions is highly admired.

Donald E Hull

Puerto Rico’s Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC takes pride in partner Donald E Hull, who is highly recognized for his splendid practice advising clients on high-profile real estate transactions. He is known for his longstanding worthy professional practice in the sector.

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Antonio Santos

The last name on our list, Antonio Santos, a partner at Pietrantoni Mendez & Alvarez LLC, is noted for his proficiency in matters related to the financing of real estate projects. Santos is also adept at assisting developers with acquisitions. His unparalleled service to clients has made him one of the sought-after real estate lawyers in Puerto Rico.

The dynamic nature of the real estate industry calls for these movers and shakers of Puerto Rico’s legal scene to constantly adapt and innovate in their profession to serve their clients better. Their dedication and commitment to their craft have earned them the well-deserved accolades from their peers and clients alike, establishing them as the go-to specialists for any commercial/corporate real estate queries in Puerto Rico.

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