Top 10 Influential Labour Union Lawyers in Ontario: 2023 Outlook

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Employment and labour law is a critical aspect of the business landscape, dealing with issues ranging from labour rights and compensation to health and safety. Understanding this field requires in-depth knowledge and expertise, which only a few professionals possess. This article shines light on the masters of labour law in Ontario who are representing unions – individuals who have used their legal acumen to protect employee rights and ensure fair work environments.

These lawyers have proven their mettle by consistently delivering results, furthering union’s interests and defending worker’s rights in varied sectors. Each attorney showcased here brings a unique skill set to the table, with expertise spanning across public and private sectors, human rights issues, judicial reviews, and more.

Moreover, they are experienced in cordially acting before courts, labour boards, and tribunals – a testament to their professionalism and ability to navigate complex legal systems. Let’s take a closer look at these notable lawyers below:

Josh Phillips

Josh Phillips is the managing partner of Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP, revered for his expertise in labour and appellate law. Having appeared before courts and administrative tribunals, including the prestigious Supreme Court of Canada, he’s been particularly active in the education and policing sectors, displaying proficiency in pressing human rights issues such as workplace drug and alcohol testing.

Alan Minsky KC

Alan Minsky KC, a formidable Toronto-based lawyer, continues to excel in representing construction labour relations. He has made regular appearances before courts and employment tribunals, acting on behalf of both public and private sector trade unions.

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Michael Church

A highly respected figure, Michael Church, practises from CaleyWray. His experience spans representing unions in diverse matters such as drug and alcohol testing, judicial reviews, and benefit plans. Capable of acting in front of courts, labour boards and tribunals, he is based in Toronto.

Craig Flood

Another luminary from Koskie Minsky LLP, Craig Flood, showcases his prowess in representing employees and trade unions across various labour law matters, appearing before tribunals including the Ontario Labour Relations Board and the Canada Labour Relations Board.

Douglas J Wray

Douglas Wray, based at CaleyWray, is often recognised as a market leader in union-side labour law in Toronto. His representation extends to several trade unions before courts including the Superior Court of Ontario and Supreme Court of Canada.

Tracey Henry

Firm co-founder Tracey Henry of Wright Henry LLP displays mastery in representing unions in grievance arbitrations before labour relations boards and administrative tribunals. Her expertise also extends to acting on collective agreement negotiations and human rights matters.

Ian Fellows

Reflecting his prominence in union-side labour relations, Ian Fellows of Ursel Phillips Fellows Hopkinson LLP is frequently called upon for labour board hearings and arbitrations. His capabilities stretch to labour injunctions and judicial reviews.

Bernie Hanson

Agent to both the public and private sectors, Bernie Hanson of Cavalluzzo LLP is well-known for his union-side representation in labour arbitrations. Notably known in the education sector, he advises teacher federations on collective agreements.

Howard Goldblatt

Based at Goldblatt Partners LLP, Howard Goldblatt is a seasoned labour and employment lawyer. His track record in grievance arbitrations shines brightly, and he frequently represents trade unions on matters before labour relations boards.

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Denis Ellickson

As managing partner of CaleyWray, Toronto-based Denis Ellickson excels in handling diverse issues concerning labour relations. He is well-regarded for his work on grievance arbitrations, human rights, and wrongful dismissals.

All of these lawyers have a proven track record in their industry, and their hard work and dedication continue to make a real difference in the realm of labour relations.

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