Top 10 Influential Labor & Employment Lawyers Shaping Maine in 2023

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Lawyers play a significant role in representing and protecting clients in different fields, one of which is labor and employment. This industry deals with the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of employers and employees, making it paramount for the existence of expert lawyers in the field. Maine, known as the “Pine Tree State,” is home to numerous talented lawyers specializing in labor and employment, each playing a vital role helping employers and employees understand and exercise their rights. This article takes an in-depth look at a select few who have distinguished themselves in this particular field of law.

These individuals have gained prominence through vast years of experience, providing formidable representation to their clients and showcasing deep knowledge and understanding of the intricacies involved in labor and employment law. It is important to note that the description of each lawyer stems from the attributes that set them apart and fosters the development of the law industry in Maine.

This write-up will explore each lawyer’s contribution, area of specialization, and the law firm they represent, providing an intriguing overview of their accomplishments and contributions in the industry.

Melinda J Caterine

Although Melinda’s law firm, Littler Mendelson, PC, doesn’t have a website, this hasn’t affected her reputation as a formidable litigation specialist in the Labor & Employment industry in Maine. She has an impressive track record dealing with unpaid wage, discrimination, and FMLA claims, making her a beacon of hope for many in these troubled situations. Her strong local reputation is essential to Maine’s labor and employment industry.

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Shiloh D. Theberge

With a profound background in labor and employment law, Shiloh Theberge has become an authority in handling cases of employment harassment and discrimination, family and medical leave laws, and disability accommodations. She practices at Bernstein Shur.

Tawny L Alvarez

Tawny Alvarez is a renowned labor and employment lawyer at Verrill Dana, LLP. She expertly advises clients on wage and hour, whistle-blowing, unemployment compensation, harassment, discrimination, and employment agreement issues.

Glenn Israel

Glenn Israel, practicing at Bernstein Shur, is celebrated for his comprehensive labor and employment practice. He frequently assists employers in FLSA litigation, demonstrating vast knowledge and experience.

David Strock

A seasoned practitioner, David Strock is applauded for his labor and employment expertise, particularly with regard to handling collective bargaining negotiations. He practices at Littler Mendelson, PC, a firm without a given website but with great reputation among its clientele.

Kai McGintee

Kai McGintee, a cochair of the labor and employment department at Bernstein Shur, routinely represents clients from the education sector, investigating discrimination and abuse cases. Her contributions to this specialist segment are highly commendable.

Daniel Rose

Daniel Rose, a partner at Drummond Woodsum, leads the firm’s labor and employment team. His broad practice covers a plethora of matters, including allegations of misconduct, discrimination claims, and workforce reductions. Daniel Rose’s expertise earned him many admirers among peers and clients.

Richard G Moon

Richard Moon, practicing at Verrill Dana, LLP, is an adept lawyer handling employment disputes. His versatile practice also focuses on traditional labor matters such as union avoidance issues.

Michael G Messerschmidt

Michael Messerschmidt, the head of the labor and employment department at Preti Flaherty Beliveau & Pachios, LLP, has an expansive knowledge covering discrimination claims, whistle-blower matters and sexual harassment allegations. Known for his solid advice, Michael’s contributions to labor & employment law in Maine are commendable.

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Douglas P Currier

Douglas Currier of Verrill Dana, LLP, is a respected litigator who vigorously represents employers in matters like discrimination claims and violations of the National Labor Relations Act. His proficiency in labor & employment law continues to set a high standard for Maine’s legal community.

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