Top 10 Influential Intellectual Property Lawyers Redefining IP Law in Israel 2023

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Israel, famously known as the ‘Start-up Nation’, is the hub of many multinational corporations and innovative start-ups. With intellectual property (IP) being at the core of this innovation, the role of IP lawyers is particularly significant. They work tirelessly to protect inventions, trade secrets, product designs, and brand identities. Hereby we shine a light on some of the most illustrious and skilled IP lawyers in Israel.

These lawyers are prominent figures in their domain, offering expert legal consultation across a host of areas including trademark litigation, patent infringement, IP disputes, and more. They represent a range of entities – from manufacturing, energy, hi-tech companies to pharmaceutical, food, and consumer goods industries. Clients seek their services for their unparalleled knowledge, industry experience, and their ability to deliver successful outcomes.

In addition to their professional rigour, these lawyers also contribute to the development of IP law in Israel. They continually participate in public dialogues, delivering keynote addresses at prominent forums, and actively engage in legislative processes. Here are the profiles of some of these notable IP lawyers in Israel.

Eyal Price

With his expertise rooted in trademark litigation, Eyal Price of Goldfarb Seligman & Co Law Offices is one of Israel’s acclaimed IP lawyers. His comprehensive work has carved a name for him in this field across Israel.

Zeev Pearl

Operating as the managing partner at Pearl Cohen Zedek Latzer Baratz, Zeev Pearl has a considerable track record in IP litigation in Israel, more notably with pharmaceutical and life science companies.

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Narda Ben Zvi

Leading the IP department at Yaacov Salomon Lipschutz & Co, Narda Ben Zvi handles various contentious trademark issues for manufacturing, energy and hi-tech companies. Narda Ben Zvi is based in Ramat Gan.

Eran Liss

Eran Liss at the Adin-Liss Pyernik IP Group is revered for his vast experience handling IP-related litigation as well as advising on the management of trademark portfolios for energy sector entities and other clients.

Yoav Oestreicher

As the man at the helm of the IP department at Meitar Law Offices, Yoav Oestreicher represents domestic companies, as well as multinationals, in patent and trademark infringement and opposition proceedings.

Avi Ordo

Based in Tel Aviv, Avi Ordo of S Horowitz & Co represents a broad spectrum of organisations. His forte lies in handling patent and trademark infringement cases for leading manufacturing and entertainment industry names.

Yehuda Neubauer

Yehuda Neubauer, the head of the IP department of the Ehrlich Group, has notable experience in dealing with patent oppositions and trademark applications. Like Narda Ben Zvi, he is also based in Ramat Gan.

Daniel Lerner

Daniel Lerner, a much-respected face within Luthi & Co, is focused on running patent infringement and patent opposition cases for organisations in the defence and health sectors.

David Gilat

David Gilat, associated with Gilat, Bareket & Co., Reinhold Cohn Group, is an esteemed lawyer assisting a diverse range of clients, including players in the pharmaceutical and manufacturing sectors, with their IP concerns, specifically patent and trademark infringements.

Ehud Gabrieli

With a sprawling clientele comprising food and consumer goods industry entities, Ehud Gabrieli of Seligsohn Gabrieli & Co successfully addresses a variety of IP disputes.

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The vast domain of IP law in Israel understands and values the expertise and contribution of the aforementioned lawyers and others in the fraternity. Their relentless efforts go a long way in shaping pioneering business ideas into flourishing endeavors and their work continues to be instrumental in the growth of Israel as the ‘Start-up Nation’.

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