Top 10 Influential Insurance Transactional Lawyers in Germany, 2023 Edition

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<p>Germany is home to some of the world’s leading players in the Insurance industry, with many innovative deals transacted every day. Navigating through the complexities of insurance transactions requires profound legal knowledge, strategic planning, and tact. This article will showcase some of Germany’s finest Transactional Lawyers – instrumental in shaping the insurance landscape through their expertise and commitment to outstanding client service.</p>

<p>The vast number of mergers, acquisitions, recapitalisation’s, and joint venture setups attest to the dynamic landscape of Germany’s insurance industry. These transactions, whether international or local, require seasoned law experts who can navigate the intricacies of insurance law. Each of the lawyers in this article has left a significant mark in this field, shaping the industry’s trajectory and emerging trends.</p>

<p>These legal professionals are experts in various aspects of insurance transactions, such as providing regulatory, corporate, and transactional advice, handling cross-border mergers, aiding restructuring processes, or advising on portfolio acquisitions. Let us take a deep dive into their individual contributions in moulding the German insurance landscape.</p>

<h2>Achim Schmid</h2>
<p><a href=””>Allen & Overy LLP</a> lawyer, Achim Schmid, is applauded for his role in the Insurance: Transactional industry in Germany. He has been instrumental in the sale of insurance portfolios, including those as niche as cyber insurance. Schmid is also proficient in matters of insurance restructuring, licensing, and insurance-based joint ventures.</p>

<h2>Christoph Louven</h2>
<p>With expertise in cross-border mergers and joint venture setups among insurance companies, Christoph Louven of <a href=””>Hogan Lovells International LLP</a> stands out among his peers. Louven assists some of the largest insurers and reinsurers in Germany and internationally.</p>

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<h2>Jan Schröder</h2>
<p>Another high-profile lawyer from <a href=””>Allen & Overy LLP</a> is Jan Schröder who showcases exceptional expertise in providing transactional, corporate and regulatory advice to both prominent German and global insurance and reinsurance companies. He has also been active in assisting companies with restructuring and business platforms alongside product distribution.</p>

<h2>Wolfgang Krauel</h2>
<p>Wolfgang Krauel from <a href=””>Linklaters</a> is a go-to advisor for many firms. Krauel is particularly skilled in dealing with the bidding processes of portfolio transfers and recapitalisation of insurtechs. He is equally proficient in BaFin matters.</p>

<h2>Thomas Broichhausen</h2>
<p>Fellow <a href=””>Linklaters</a> practitioner, Thomas Broichhausen deals with important matters across the insurance transactional spectrum. His significant experience spans insurtech deals, portfolio acquisitions, bancassurances, and regulatory affairs.</p>

<h2>Anne Fischer</h2>
<p>At <a href=””>Norton Rose Fulbright</a>, Anne Fischer aids insurance companies and investors in the insurance market with M&A deals and restructuring matters. Her focus extends to providing commercial advice on bancassurance joint ventures and contractual issues.</p>

<h2>Peter Etzbach</h2>
<p>Peter Etzbach from <a href=””>Oppenhoff & Partner Rechtsanwälte</a> has expertise in a variety of transactional insurance mandates, including cross-border M&A, restructuring, and outsourcing projects. He also assists with supervisory and contract law.</p>

<h2>Hanno Goltz</h2>
<p>Also from <a href=””>Oppenhoff & Partner Rechtsanwälte</a>, Hanno Goltz is well recognized in the German insurance world. His areas of expertise include data protection and IDD compliance, as well as contract law.</p>

<h2>Frederik Winter</h2>
<p>At <a href=””>Linklaters</a>, Frederik Winter services large clients in areas of portfolio acquisition, restructuring, M&A, multi-jurisdictional investigations and strategic partnerships. His knack for navigating the insurtech world is particularly laudable.</p>

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<h2>Christoph Küppers</h2>
<p>Christoph Küppers, based at <a href=””>Hogan Lovells International LLP</a>, is instrumental in assisting large insurance companies with their merger and acquisition needs while also showing expertise in insurance supervisory law.</p>

<p>These ten individuals stand out for their legal acumen in insurance transactions in Germany, each bringing substantial knowledge and experience to the table. The German insurance industry continues to grow and evolve, and these transactional lawyers are at the forefront, shaping the industry’s future trajectory.</p>

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