Top 10 Influential General Business Law Lawyers to Watch in Brunei 2023

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Business law is a multifaceted area, encompassing a diverse range of legal disciplines, including but not limited to contract, corporation, antitrust, securities law, intellectual property, international business law, as well as the legal ramifications of various financial, banking, and insurance matters. In Brunei, there is a cadre of seasoned and skilled lawyers who have made their mark in the field of general business law. These legal practitioners employ their intensive knowledge and acumen to help businesses navigate their way through the complex legal landscape, ensuring they operate within legal boundaries while maximising their opportunities for economic success.

These lawyers not only provide their expert advice during times of litigation and disputes, but they also aid in the drafting of legal documents, negotiation of agreements, and the resolution of potential legal problems before they reach the court system. Their services are indubitable crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of operations within a wide array of industries – from finance to real estate, and from pharmaceuticals to technology.

In this article, we take a closer look at some of the highly recognised and skilled business law practitioners in Brunei. They have been selected based on their vast experience, areas of focus, and impressive professional achievements. While some own their legal firms, others hold senior positions in prestigious law firms.

Navasiwayam Palaniandy

Navasiwayam Palaniandy is an esteemed legal practitioner within the Brunei legal sector. Respected for his expertise in dispute resolution, Navasiwayam is found at AIP Law. Unfortunately, the firm does not have a website at this time.

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Melissa Ang

Melissa Ang is an active player in the legal domain. With her firm, Melissa Ang & Co Advocates & Solicitors, she is known for her work in real estate, insurance, and banking matters. The firm currently does not have a website.

Bernard Tan

As one of Brunei’s leading lawyers, Bernard Tan is known for his in-depth knowledge of financial and commercial matters. He is particularly well-versed in issues relating to banking, Islamic finance, and corporate and regulatory matters. He holds a prominent position in Abrahams, Davidson & Co.

Izad Bahrin

Izad Bahrin, an eminent law practitioner at Pengiran Izad & Lee, is recognised for his experience in dealing with banking and litigation matters.

Kelvin Lim

Recognised by the industry for his strength in litigation and insolvency-related matters, Kelvin Lim is a vital player at Ridzlan Lim.

Roslyna Latif

The head of the corporate and commercial practice group at Harry Elias Partnership LLP, Roslyna Latif, is acclaimed for her work in finance and M&A. She has additional experience in the energy, leisure, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Yvonne Sim

At Abrahams, Davidson & Co, Yvonne Sim works on a gamut of legal mandates, including those related to commercial financing, restructuring, and employment. Her clientele come from diverse industries such as finance, insurance, and technology.

Pei Siew Tan

Pei Siew Tan, found at YC Lee & Lee, is widely known for her aptitude in banking and conveyancing work.

Aisha Alkaff

Highly regarded Aisha Alkaff of AIP Law is noted for her experience in property and IP matters.

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Yew Choh Lee

Yew Choh Lee is a respected practitioner at YC Lee & Lee, recognised for his significant work on contentious matters and in relation to securities.

From commercial financing to property law, these adept professionals provide crucial services navigating the complex terrain of business law. The law firms they work with and lead also represent the same level of dedication and professionalism that these lawyers embody, providing confidence for any business seeking legal assistance.

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