Top 10 Influential General Business Law Experts Shaping Andorra’s Legal Landscape

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Andorra, a microstate nestled between Spain and France, has a thriving business law industry. This industry includes a rich pool of legal professionals that utilise their expertise in a variety of sectors to advise, guide and assist their clients. In the microstate’s evolving legal environment, these lawyers continually demonstrate their adeptness in addressing diverse legal issues under the general business law. Let’s explore some of these legal professionals who are making profound impacts in the industry.

Business law covers a broad spectrum – contractual law, taxation, real estate, intellectual property, disputes resolution, corporate governance, construction litigation, data protection, procurement, copyright, and many more. The subsequent sections will highlight notable general business law lawyers in Andorra who have distinguished themselves in handling these areas of law. These lawyers have exhibited their adeptness in providing legal solutions to their clients, thereby contributing significantly to their firms’ reputation in the legal market.

From advising on contractual and corporate matters, handling intellectual property and data protection mandates to representing clients in disputes; these lawyers bring diverse knowledge, skills, and decades of experience to Andorra’s legal scene.

Joan Miquel Rascagneres Llagostera

You can find Joan Miquel Rascagneres Llagostera at Eurolex Andorra. Known for his expertise on commercial law mandates, Joan assists clients across various sectors with their legal business interests. His industry experience and proficient handling of cases have made him an asset to Andorra’s legal scene.

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Xavier Jordana Rossell

Based in Xavier Jordana Advocats, Xavier Jordana Rossell provides extensive legal advice on real estate, tax, and corporate governance matters. Xavier has also demonstrated his expertise in representing clients in both contractual and shareholder disputes. Additionally, he displays significant prowess in criminal law.

Ester Peralba García

Ester Peralba García practices her trade at P.I. Advocats. Ester is commended for her work on intellectual property and data protection mandates, earning positive remarks from interviewees for her proficient handling of cases within these legal areas.

Maïtena Manciet

Presently at Montel & Manciet Advocats, Maïtena Manciet provides exceptional services in both commercial and public law matters. She is frequently sought after by clients based in France due to her vast expertise in these legal areas.

Jordi Segura Cobo

Jordi Segura Cobo of Despatx Segura Advocats versatilely advises clients from the TMT, energy, and construction sectors on contractual and corporate matters. With his litigation prowess, Jordi adeptly represents his clients in the court.

Benjamin Pujol

Found in Raméntol Pujol, Benjamin Pujol assists clients with corporate transactions. He also handles shareholder disputes and tendering issues with consistently impressive results.

Miguel Cases

Miguel Cases of Cases & Lacambra is regularly selected by Spanish corporates and international investment funds for advice on project and acquisition finance mandates.

Cristina Bifet

Located at Legalis Advocats, Cristina Bifet has built a commendable reputation for handling contentious matters. She has displayed her competency in civil litigation cases, proving her worth in the legal industry.

Marc Ambrós

Marc Ambrós of Cases & Lacambra regularly advises clients on corporate and real estate transactions. He also represents his clients in liability disputes and insolvency proceedings, demonstrating his capacity to handle diverse legal cases.

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Anton Borrell Gàllego

Another significant figure in Raméntol Pujol is Anton Borrell Gàllego. Anton frequently represents clients in various contentious matters, including construction litigation, shareholder disputes, and procurement cases. He also provides valuable assistance in copyright law.

The talented professionals in this selection are part of Andorra’s vibrant legal scene. As staunch advocates for their clients, these lawyers maintain top standards in general business legal services and are great examples of the legal prowess that Andorra offers.

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