Top 10 Influential Dispute Resolution Lawyers Defining Portugal’s Legal Landscape 2023

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Portugal, as a member of the European Union, has a particularly rich tradition of rule of law, which is reflected in its efficient dispute resolution mechanism. From international arbitration to antitrust damage claims, Portuguese lawyers have carved a niche for themselves in this sector. And dispute resolution lawyers are in the spotlight for the skillful way in which they navigate complex, multifaceted cases. Here, we bring you information about some of the most prominent dispute resolution lawyers in Portugal.

The methods of resolving disputes outside of the court system in Portugal have evolved greatly in the past years due to the significant increase in litigation in Portuguese courts and the growing complexity of legal disputes. With this, the importance of top-performing lawyers in the Dispute Resolution Industry has grown exponentially. Our journey starts with prominent lawyers who have shown to be the top in their field.

Let us delve deeper into the profiles and works of these remarkable experts who have set high benchmarks in the field of dispute resolution in Portugal. From commercial arbitrations to corporate litigation and antitrust damage claims, these legal minds have been the architects behind some of the most cutting-edge dispute resolution strategies and efforts.

Filipe Vaz Pinto

Filipe Vaz Pinto, associated with Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados, brings expertise in commercial arbitrations including ICC and LCIA rules. He is well placed to advise clients on energy and construction arbitrations.

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Teresa Anselmo Vaz

At Abreu Advogados, Teresa Anselmo Vaz is known for her experience in corporate litigation and arbitration proceedings. She is frequently engaged in handling liability claims.

Rita Samoreno Gomes

Rita Samoreno Gomes of PLMJ demonstrates notable acumen in antitrust damages claims defense. She actively participates in class actions filed before the Portuguese Competition Court.

Luís Miguel Cortes Martins

Luís Miguel Cortes Martins, veteran in re-privatisation and bidding processes, now serves Cuatrecasas, following the integration of Serra Lopes, Cortes Martins & Associados into Cuatrecasas in January 2023.

Nuno Líbano Monteiro

Nuno Líbano Monteiro, another distinguished lawyer from PLMJ, is known to advise clients on significant environmental class action proceedings related to CO2 emissions, and holds further experience in debt recovery litigation.

António Pinto Leite

António Pinto Leite, from Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & Associados, is recognized for his experience acting as both counsel and arbitrator in international arbitrations.

Nuno Ferreira Lousa

At Linklaters, Nuno Ferreira Lousa represents clients in banking and pharmaceutical sectors in various administrative and civil law cases. He also advises public sector bodies on arbitration proceedings.

Miguel de Almada

Miguel de Almada, another remarkable lawyer affiliated with Cuatrecasas, has been frequently seen advising on banking and post-M&A litigation. His expertise also covers complex commercial arbitration proceedings, particularly those associated with construction contracts. His clientele includes companies from the transportation and technology sectors.

Carla Gonçalves Borges

Carla Gonçalves Borges is associated with VdA and frequently advises on commercial disputes arising for clients in the financial services sector. Her competence in litigation and arbitration proceedings is well-renowned.

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Joaquim Taveira da Fonseca

Joaquim Taveira da Fonseca, from Taveira da Fonseca & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, RL, is recognized for his work in disputes mandates in Porto, with sources highlighting the excellent quality of his work.

In conclusion, each of these lawyers offers an invaluable contribution to the field of dispute resolution in Portugal. Be it commercial arbitration, corporate litigation, antitrust damages claims defense, or international arbitrations, these acclaimed legal minds are defining new ways of resolving disputes.

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