Top 10 Influential Corporate Lawyers in North East Brazil, 2023

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The commercial and corporate legal landscape in the North East of Brazil boasts a number of proficient and skilled practitioners. Their work shapes the business climate and ushers in new advancements and resolutions within various industries. Featuring a blend of seasoned stalwarts and dynamic rising stars, these practitioners have carved a niche for themselves due to their expert knowledge, vast experience, and solution-oriented approaches. Let’s delve deeper and unravel the journey and contributions of these distinguished legal minds.

Their work encompasses myriad sectors – from leasing agreements to franchising negotiations, public laws and infrastructure to corporate transitions and transactions, energy and environmental matters to M&A operations and tax planning. Their robust technical know-how combined with their strategic insights have not only earned them accolades but also the trust and loyalty of their clients.

While their areas of expertise might be diverse, they all share common attributes such as adept problem-solving skills, an unwavering commitment to their clients, and an in-depth understanding of the corporate and commercial environment.

Luis Felipe De Souza Rebêlo

Basing his operations out of his firm Advocacia Galdino & Rebêlo, Luis Felipe De Souza Rebêlo possesses top-tier competencies in contract-laws and leasing agreements and is also a celebrated figure in the realm of franchising negotiations. His adroitness in corporate work-related contracts has proven to be a major asset.

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João Humberto Martorelli

Partnering with Martorelli Advogados, João Humberto Martorelli has showcased exemplary business acumen and has been instrumental in navigating complex corporate transactions and commercial contracts for numerous leading national and international companies. His distinctive attributes have consistently elevated him to being among the top choices for these practices.

Marcus Heronydes Batista Mello

Marcus Heronydes Batista Mello shows remarkable adeptness in public law and infrastructure matters. Operating out of Mello Pimentel Advocacia, he also leverages his experience in M&A deals and project finance, making him an invaluable asset for his clientele.

Márcio Blanc Mendes

An authority in matters of energy and environment, Márcio Blanc Mendes, also with Mello Pimentel Advocacia, assists clients with lease agreement structuring and has been highly commended for his M&A work.

Camila Oliveira

Working at Queiroz Cavalcanti Advocacia, Camila Oliveira exhibits robust technical skill and extreme competence, particularly leading corporate and M&A operations, and devising strategic tax planning strategies for her clients.

Elisa Gantois Novis

A pivotal figure at Bomfim Novis Advogados, Elisa Gantois Novis specializes in the financing market, organizational restructuring, and corporate transactions with a focus on advocating for national healthcare and natural resources companies.

Eduardo Coelho

Rising-star Eduardo Coelho of Coelho & Dalle Advogados provides expert guidance across M&A, corporate reorganization, and debt restructuring, earning commendation from his clientele for his technical knowledge and commercial prowess.

Delmar Siqueira

Delmar Siqueira of Urbano Vitalino Advogados has made his mark in the commercial and corporate arena, focusing on acquisitions, sales of shares, and reorganisations.

Rogério Da Fonte

Found at Da Fonte, Advogados, Rogério Da Fonte has distinguished himself, particularly in corporate and commercial matters in Recife, and is revered for his dedication to his work.

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Urbano Vitalino de Melo Neto

From Urbano Vitalino Advogados, Urbano Vitalino de Melo Neto’s name is synonymous with experience and exceptional service. He has been acclaimed as an eminent practitioner, having established a reputation through a long, outstanding career in corporate law, coupled with his substantial experience as a managerial leader.

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