Top 10 Influential Clinical Negligence Lawyers Making Impact in Northern Ireland

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Understanding the legal intricacies of clinical negligence is a job in itself, demanding both a keen attention to detail and a depth of knowledge surrounding the complex nature of medical law. As such, when the unexpected happens, and the unfortunate need for legal action arises, knowing the best legal brains to turn to is essential. Northern Ireland has abundant exceptional legal talent with enviable expertise in the clinical negligence arena. In this feature, we introduce some of this region’s most notable clinical negligence lawyers, with details of their respective skills, specialisations and contact details. You never know when you may need them.

Clinical negligence law is a multi-faceted field, addressing cases that range from delayed diagnoses to birth injuries, dental issues, and surgical negligence. The clinicians you entrust with your health and well-being must provide you with an acceptable level of care. Should they fall short, you have a right to seek compensation. The lawyers we profile today have forged stellar reputacies within their industry and have extensive experience in representing and supporting victims of clinical negligence.

Presented in no particular order, these lawyers are all based in Northern Ireland. Each has a unique specialization in the clinical negligence field. No one plans to need their services, but knowing who’s who can provide reassurance should the unforeseen occur. Please note, this feature does not aim to rank or compare the lawyers but to inform about their individual skills and expertise.

Andrew Anthony, Tughans

Andrew Anthony is highly commended for his expertise in various clinical negligence fields, notably including delay in diagnosing cancer, complex birth injury and life-changing elective surgery cases.

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Alistair Wilson, Tughans

Alistair Wilson exhibits proficiency at representing defendants in failed diagnosis and treatment claims, ensuring his clients receive the justice they deserve.

Roger McMillan, Carson McDowell

Acknowledged for his adeptness in managing birth injury cases and claims associated with failures in diagnosis, Roger McMillan also tackles cases related to fatalities and dental care issues.

Marysia Kelly, John J McNally & Co.

Marysia Kelly is renowned for her extensive experience in a wide range of medical negligence mandates, providing her clients invaluable assistance through her expertise.

Jacqueline McAleese, Carson McDowell

Jacqueline McAleese specialises in birth injury, delayed diagnosis of brain tumours and surgical negligence cases, offering a sought-after breadth of knowledge in these areas of clinical negligence.

Laura Menary, DWF

Laura Menary from DWF is dedicated to clinical negligence defence and is praised for representing clients involved in cases of birth injury and delayed diagnosis.

Patrick Mullarkey, O’Reilly Stewart

Patrick Mullarkey is highly commended for his handling of birth trauma and catastrophic injury cases, supporting his clients’ path to justice with his expert guidance.

Tanya Waterworth, McCartan Turkington Breen

Tanya Waterworth frequently represents claimants in cases involving birth injuries and post-surgery liability claims, showcasing her depth of experience within these areas of clinical negligence law.

Francesca Glynn, Tughans

Francesca Glynn is acknowledged for her representation in surgical negligence mandates as well as handling fatalities cases, proving her versatile competency across different situations.

Francesca Lowry, Carson McDowell

A senior associate that specialises in dental cases, Francesca Lowry is routinely called upon to defend clients against allegations of misconduct and negligent surgery, demonstrating her exceptional skills within this niche of clinical negligence.

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Empathy, coupled with legal acuity, forms the backbone of a reputable clinical negligence lawyer. These featured lawyers have proven their authority in their chosen field by relentlessly pursuing justice for their clients. Having a reliable and competent legal team supporting you can make a world of difference when facing clinical negligence – trust in Northern Ireland’s finest.

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