Top 10 Influential Chinese PRC Firms Lawyers in Private Equity 2023

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Investing in the right legal professional when dealing with Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investments can make a world of difference. It’s crucial to not just invest in a lawyer, but to invest in the right lawyer – one who understands your industry and shares your vision. In this article, we will showcase some of the most influential and capable lawyers in the Private Equity: Buyouts & Venture Capital Investment sector in China.

The lawyers showcased in this article aren’t just your run-of-the-mill legal professionals. They have decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge in this niche area of law. Moreover, we aren’t just talking about legal experts –these individuals also offer a deep understanding of the overall business landscape and industry dynamics. So, whether it be a merger, an acquisition, or a private equity investment, you can be sure they will optimize your chances of a successful transaction.

All of them are working at top-ranking law firms in China. They have a proven reputation for their expert business advice and excellent deal-making abilities and stand out in their abilities to handle high-value venture capital and late-stage financing deals. Let’s get to know them better.

Xinyang Zhang

Xinyang Zhang of Commerce & Finance Law Offices (Tongshang) is earning a name for his adroit handling of venture capital investment, particularly in the robotics and artificial intelligence realms. Ranging from private companies to private equity firms, you’ll find his client base quite impressive.

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Huan Li

Li Huan, a key partner in AllBright Law Offices, has striking expertise in executing high-value late-stage financing deals for prominent investment houses. His knowledge spans across distinct industries such as Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT), healthcare, and entertainment.

Chengwei Peng

Chengwei Peng, also of AllBright Law Offices, carries a unique blend of private equity investment and legal experience that adds unmatched value to his practice. His main focus is on advising investors and target companies on financing and strategic investments, particularly within the technology and healthcare sectors.

Colin Shi

Working with Llinks Law Offices, Colin Shi excels in handling private equity financing arrangements, private equity fund creation, and capital raisings. He also stands out in mergers and acquisitions and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) consultancy.

Zhenyu Niu

Zhenyu Niu, a founding partner at Shihui Partners, is a noteworthy figure in this niche. The veteran private equity financing specialist, with no firm’s website to link to, has an extensive portfolio in handling private equity transactions.

Xinhui Liu

Zhong Lun Law Firm‘s senior partner Xinhui Liu is a maestro in handling private equity investment matters. He serves both onshore and offshore private equity funds, and has excellent skills in dealing with capital markets transactions.

Steven Yu

Steven Yu from Global Law Office maintains a solid transactional practice that technology companies and private equity investment houses regularly enlist. He has a firm handle on mid-stage and late-stage financing rounds, including pre-IPO financing deals.

Jiayun Xie

Notably hired by leading investment houses, Jiayun Xie from Tian Yuan Law Firm is often engaged for high-value early-stage and mid-stage private equity financing transactions. She exhibits significant knowledge of the education, TMT and life sciences sectors.

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Amanda Zhou

Fangda Partners’ Amanda Zhou stands apart as a celebrated private equity specialist. Her impressive clientele is especially drawn from the technology and telecommunications fields. She is remarkably active dealing with financing matters in the artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicle realm. Explore her work here.

Richard Xu

The founding partner of Han Yi Law Offices, Richard Xu is a respected figure in the private equity space. His expertise attracts a distinguished range of top-tier private equity groups and investment banks. Without a doubt, he is a coveted legal adviser in this complex realm.

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