Top 10 Influential Aviation Finance Lawyers in China 2023 Revealed

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The aviation finance industry is undoubtedly one of the most challenging and dynamic sectors in today’s global economy. It involves complex dealings with leasing companies, airlines, and state-owned banks, among others. China is home to some of the most talented and dedicated professionals in this field who have built a noteworthy reputation in the industry for their expertise and commitment. In this article, we spotlight some of the best aviation finance lawyers from renowned PRC firms in China.

These accomplished individuals have made significant contributions to the aviation finance industry, whether it be leasing and financing arrangements, dispute resolution, acquisitions, or corporate reorganization. Being a part of this industry requires not only a strong command of the law but also an understanding of the commercial and financial considerations that are unique to the aviation sector – qualities that these lawyers exemplify.

Though the focus here is on the Chinese aviation finance scene, the scope of these professionals’ work stretches across borders, highlighting China’s position on the global platform. Now, let us delve into the profiles of these impressive individuals and understand how they are shaping the industry.

Ning Wang at King & Wood Mallesons

At King & Wood Mallesons, Ning Wang is recognized for his work representing leasing companies and airlines in aircraft leasing and financing matters. His realm often revolves around state-owned banks on aircraft financing transactions involving major state airlines. Wang’s expertise makes him one of the titan figures in the industry.

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Jialing Wang at Zhonglun W&D Law Firm

Next, we have Jialing Wang of Zhonglun W&D Law Firm. A rising figure in aviation finance, she handles both domestic and international aircraft leasing matters. She recently joined as a partner from another aviation finance team, adding more expertise to the firm.

Yi Ding at Han Kun Law Offices

Yi Ding, housed with no firm website, maintains a robust financial services practice at Han Kun Law Offices. His work focuses on aviation finance matters, often counseling for airlines and leasing companies on the purchase and leasing of passenger aircraft and jet engines.

Yao Zhou at Dentons China

Dentons China’s Yao Zhou is known for her extensive experience in aircraft financing projects. Representing lessors and lessees, she focuses on the domestic aviation market and is widely recognized for her knowledge of PRC tax leasing arrangements.

Zhe Jin at Grandall Law Firm

Zhe Jin of Grandall Law Firm leverages a strong background in insurance law to assist airlines with their insurance needs. His expertise extends to handling the sale and leaseback of aircraft and facilitating aviation-related dispute resolutions.

Feng Ma at King & Wood Mallesons

Back at King & Wood Mallesons, Feng Ma leads the firm’s aviation finance team. Always proactive and client-oriented, he often serves as legal counsel for airlines and aircraft leasing companies, establishing himself as a market-leading figure in the industry.

Shu Wang at Han Kun Law Offices

At Han Kun Law Offices, Shu Wang is a leading figure in aviation leasing, especially in northern China. With an impressive client roster, she is often the first choice of counsel for airlines and aircraft leasing companies on complex transactions.

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Zhenda Huang at Beijing DHH Law Firm

Zhenda Huang of Beijing DHH Law Firm is well respected for his expertise in corporate law practice concerning aviation sector clients. He adeptly manages acquisitions, corporate reorganization, and dispute resolution mandates.

Gang Wang at JunHe LLP

At JunHe LLP, Gang Wang is a remarkable finance lawyer known for his specialization in aviation leasing matters. As the head of the firm’s aviation finance department, Wang stands out as an expert in his field.

Jun Zhu at Han Kun Law Offices

Finally, at Han Kun Law Offices, Zhu Jun is hailed for his professional approach to aircraft leasing and financing matters. His portfolio also includes leveraged and acquisition finance – a testimony to his versatility and expertise in the industry.

In conclusion, these accomplished professionals exemplify the depth and breadth of talent within China’s aviation finance sector. Their work continues to contribute to the industry’s growth, complexity, and reputation as a key player in the global market.

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