Top 10 Influential Australian Restructuring and Insolvency Lawyers: 2023 Edition

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The Australian legal sector is beholden to a variety of celebrated lawyers, particularly within Restructuring and Insolvency law – a critical field that addresses the measures taken when a company is in financial distress. The caliber of individuals leading this sector is paramount as it balances the pressures of regulatory obligations and financial scrutiny. Let’s examine some of the stalwarts in this field who are recognized at the bar for their in-depth expertise, precise strategies, and dedicated service.

The individuals covered herein have been representing clients involved in some of the most complex insolvency cases in Australia. From offering comprehensive counsel to demonstrating exceptional courtroom delivery, these lawyers have consistently embodied excellence. Read on to better understand the professionals leading the insolvency law landscape in Australia.

Each profile contains information about the lawyer’s firm, field of expertise, location, and an overview of their accomplishments and contributions in the restructuring and insolvency sector. Kindly note that the descriptions are based on the information available and may not be exhaustive of their respective achievements or areas of expertise.

Shane Doyle KC

Level Twenty Seven Chambers is home to Shane Doyle KC, widely acknowledged as the face of the Queensland Bar. As a jack of all trades, he is highly respected across the broader disputes spectrum, namely in the construction and insolvency spheres, along with the general commercial space.

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Oren Bigos SC

Oren Bigos SC, a prominent figure at the List A Barristers, is renowned for his specialization in insolvency law. Bigos is well-versed in handling matters arising from some of Australia’s largest corporate collapses, showcasing his expertise in state supreme, Federal and High Court proceedings.

Philip Crutchfield KC

Philip Crutchfield KC, associated with Dever’s List, maintains a wide-ranging practice where insolvency cases play a significant role. Moreover, his legal pursuits also extend to general commercial work, insurance, intellectual property, and tax-related briefs.

David R. Sulan SC

Over at Banco Chambers, David Sulan SC stands tall in the industry. He is actively involved across a broad commercial continuum, specializing in insolvency-related cases and the alleged financial misconduct field.

Justin Williams SC

Justin Williams SC from Eleven Wentworth shines as a standout barrister in the insolvency niche. Armed with extensive commercial litigation skills, he regularly handles intricate restructurings, financial regulatory issues and allegations of bribery or corruption.

Ian Jackman SC

Ian Jackman SC at Eight Selborne is revered as one of Sydney Bar’s top performers. He excels across multiple areas, including general commerce, financial services, insurance, intellectual property, and tax sectors. His prowess in the insolvency field is especially lauded.

Robert Newlinds SC

The versatile Robert Newlinds SC, at Banco Chambers, maintains a varied docket, with restructuring and insolvency issues at the forefront of his practice. His work profile also embodies high-profile commercial disputes and class actions.

Carl Möller SC

Carl Möller SC, stationed at List A Barristers, is often recognized as a corporate insolvency specialist at the Victorian Bar. His practice and teachings in the field are deserving of a mention.

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Vanessa Whittaker SC

Vanessa Whittaker SC, of Banco Chambers, has ensured her focus stays on insolvency matters since her initial days as a solicitor. This focus has since carried into her broader practice involving bankruptcy, insurance law, and professional liability issues.

Michael Izzo SC

Lastly, Michael Izzo SC from Eleven Wentworth is often lauded for his grasp of convoluted financial matters, technical abilities, and keen understanding of schemes of arrangement in the insolvency sphere.

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