Top 10 Impactful Southern Litigation Lawyers: The Most Influential Lawyers

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In an ever-changing world of increased complexities, litigation lawyers continue to play an essential role in resolving disputes and conflicts within businesses. This article showcases some of the most knowledgeable and experienced litigation lawyers in the Southern region. They represent a wide spectrum of practices and have demonstrated their proficiency in handling complex commercial and contractual disputes, often within multiple jurisdictions.

In this increasingly challenging field, the lawyers we are spotlighting today have demonstrated exceptional skills and experience in company litigation, corporate litigation, contractual litigation, and shareholder litigation among other areas. The aim is to provide an insight into their individual strengths, backgrounds, and areas of expertise so that businesses and individuals can make informed decisions when selecting representation.

From fighting for clients in high-stake cases to staying abreast with the ever-changing landscape of law, the following lawyers have not only gained substantial recognition in their respective firms but also within the industry. The following is a list of these reputable Southern-based Litigation Lawyers in alphabetical order:

Chris Evans: Lester Aldridge LLP

Chris Evans is an experienced litigation lawyer who has aptly proven his expertise in professional negligence actions, often advising clients on claims against solicitors and auditors. With an impressive career at Lester Aldridge LLP, his breadth of experience is unquestionable.

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David G Foster: Moore Barlow LLP

Head of dispute resolution and civil litigation at Moore Barlow LLP, David G Foster has a strong reputation in advising clients on contractual issues and insolvency disputes in the hospitality and retail sectors. Based in Guildford, his industry-leading expertise is noteworthy.

Clive Lee: DMH Stallard LLP

With significant experience advising on commercial litigation, including distribution and contractual disputes, Clive Lee is a standout lawyer at DMH Stallard LLP. He represents both domestic and international companies across diverse industries meticulously.

Joanna Ford: Cripps

Part of Cripps, Joanna Ford demonstrates a high degree of expertise in complex litigation matters, including shareholder disputes and transactional and contractual disputes. Her finesse in handling critical issues has established her as a name to reckon with.

Kate Matthews: Boddy Matthews Solicitors

Kate Matthews has deep experience in handling commercial disputes at Boddy Matthews Solicitors, especially those relating to contractual issues. She also specializes in shareholder litigation, making her an adept choice for many businesses in The South.

Hannah Proctor: Cripps

Hannah Proctor of Cripps has shown exceptional handling of commercial and contractual disputes, inclusive of misfeasance claims against directors and breach of duty. Her dynamic approach and insightful perspective make her a lawyer of choice.

Jonathan Smart: Shoosmiths LLP

Having broad-ranging expertise in commercial litigation, Jonathan Smart of Shoosmiths LLP is particularly active on matters in the IT and automotive sectors where his diligent handling of breaches of contract and shareholder disputes makes him a trusted choice.

Richard Cook: Trethowans LLP

An experienced litigator who regularly handles contractual and shareholder disputes is Richard Cook of Trethowans LLP. His further experience in handling disputes arising from transactions is commendable.

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Andrew Quick: Stevens & Bolton LLP

Andrew Quick has a wealth of experience in commercial and corporate litigation at Stevens & Bolton LLP, mainly focusing on contractual and franchising disputes. His invaluable knowledge and vast understanding of the litigation landscape are notable among his clients.

Michael Frisby: Stevens & Bolton LLP

Michael Frisby handles a broad range of commercial litigation that is often cross-border in nature. He advises on disputes that arise in the context of corporate transactions, as well as contractual issues making his diverse skills a valuable asset to Stevens & Bolton LLP.

In summary, these professionals excel not only in their expert knowledge of law practices but also in the relationships they build with their clients. Renowned for their client-centric approach, they strive to provide the best strategies tailored to each case, making them exceptionally sought after in the world of litigation.

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