Top 10 High Net Worth Family Law Experts in California 2023

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High net worth individuals often require legal counsel that is acutely attuned to the complexities of their financial estates. This is particularly necessary in the realm of family and matrimonial law, where the divisions of assets and custodial agreements have long-lasting ramifications. In this law sector, a number of leading professionals stand out in California. Through their years of experience, technical prowess, and strategic thinking, these remarkable attorneys have built accomplished careers. Beyond their reputations, they constitute a valuable network for high net worth individuals needing specialized guidance.

Due to the intricate and high-stakes nature of their cases, these legal experts have honed strategic approaches that balance the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of their cases. Whether they are dealing with divorce, prenuptial agreements, or custody disputes, these lawyers can navigate the complexities of the law while delivering the most favourable outcomes for their clients. They are not only admired within the legal community, but are also recognized for their invaluable services to their clients.

The following attorneys are truly par excellence in the sphere of family and matrimonial law for high net worth individuals, making them a stand-out panel in California’s legal landscape. Let’s delve into their backgrounds and expertise.

Christopher Melcher

Representing the firm Walzer Melcher & Yoda LLP, Christopher Melcher’s reputation is built on his intelligent strategies and excellent trial work. His extensive experience in family disputes, concerning divorces, child custody, and matrimonial finance issues make him a reliable resource for high net worth individuals.

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Bruce Cooperman

Bruce Cooperman, of the respected Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles firm, is highly revered for his technical prowess and dedication in representing high net worth clients. Beyond his respected intelligence, his extensive litigation experience also sets him apart as an authoritative figure in the field.

Edward J. Thomas

Edward J. Thomas, who heads his own Law Office of Edward J. Thomas, specialises in advising high net worth clients on complex family law issues. His areas of expertise include marital agreements, property division, divorce, and custody matters.

Belinda Hanson

Belinda Hanson, at the legal titan Hanson Crawford Crum, offers counsel on complex issues including marital agreements, custody, and divorces. With the ability to settle transnational cases, she provides vital guidance to an impressive roster of high net worth clients.

Neal Raymond Hersh

Renowned for representing high-profile and wealthy clients in a variety of family law matters, Neal Hersh from Hersh Mannis LLP draws on years of invaluable experience in delivering the best outcomes for his clients.

Stacy Phillips

As a senior partner at Blank Rome LLP, Stacy Phillips is highly esteemed for her work in family law. She represents high net worth and high-profile clients in complex matrimonial cases and is widely acclaimed for her client commitment and respected reputation.

Daniel J. Jaffe

Daniel Jaffe of Jaffe Family Law Group brings a wealth of experience and a strong strategic approach to legal counsel. Known for viewing cases from beneficial standpoints, he’s considered by many as the “king of family law.”

Mark E. Minyard

Mark Minyard from Minyard Morris is an esteemed figure in family law, recognised for his contributions to the field in both thought leadership and practical training for other aspiring attorneys.

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Mindy Ross

Mindy Ross, of Winter & Ross, represents affluent clients in resolving complex divorces and other family law matters. With rave reviews from her peers, she certainly stands out in the legal sector.

Laura Wasser

Laura Wasser, another stellar representative from Wasser, Cooperman & Mandles, is acclaimed for representing high net worth and high-profile clients in complex divorce cases. Earning accolades as one of the “best of the best,” she lives up to her high-profile reputation.

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