Top 10 High-Impact Lithuanian Real Estate Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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The dynamic real estate market in Lithuania is characterized by a blend of historical charm and modern innovation, reflecting the rapid economic development and advances in the country. Key to navigating this challenging terrain are lawyers with specialized knowledge in real estate law. With a profound understanding of both local and international law, these professionals aid private firms, public entities and individuals in navigating the complexities of transactions, leases, land use, and development. This article will showcase some of the most prominent real estate lawyers in Lithuania, shedding light on their backgrounds and contributions to the field.

Despite the country’s relatively small size, Lithuania’s real estate market is buzzing with activities ranging from urban redevelopment projects to countryside residential plans. Not surprisingly, the demand for experienced real estate lawyers is high. From multinational corporations seeking guidance on large-scale investments to local entrepreneurs looking to understand the intricacies of lease agreements, the expertise of these lawyers forms an indispensable part of the complex real estate ecosystem.

The lawyers featured in this article represent a cross-section of Lithuania’s top legal talents in the real estate market. They not only demonstrate excellence in their field but also contribute to the development and growth of the Lithuanian real estate industry.

Evaldas Klimas

Evaldas Klimas’ experience spans the regulatory aspects of real estate, assisting developers with construction projects. Private companies in retail and financial services, as well as public bodies, are among his clientele.

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Asta Augutytė-Rapkevičienė

Firm: Sorainen
With expertise covering various facets of the real estate market, Asta Augutytė-Rapkevičienė has a knack for handling residential and commercial development agreements and acquisitions.

Kęstutis Adamonis

Firm: Sorainen
Influential legal expert, Kęstutis Adamonis provides top-tier consultation on high-value acquisitions, sales, lease transactions, and new developments.

Rūta Radzevičiūtė-Meizeraitė

Firm: FORT
Offering broad expertise in real estate, Rūta Radzevičiūtė-Meizeraitė guides investment funds, developers, and retail companies through transactions, development projects, and lease matters.

Aurelija Grigoravičiūtė-Rimeisienė

Firm: FORT
Aurelija Grigoravičiūtė-Rimeisienė provides sound advice for clients on all aspects of real estate, including acquisitions, sales, and new project developments.

Simona Oliškevičiūtė-Cicėnienė

Highly respected, Simona Oliškevičiūtė-Cicėnienė helps investors with real estate acquisitions, leasebacks, and concession agreements for significant real estate projects.

Audrius Kairevičius

With extensive expertise in zoning and development, Audrius Kairevičius is a distinguished figure who provides exemplary service to developers and retail sector companies.

Aušrys Šliavas

Aušrys Šliavas specializes in transactional mandates and regularly assists investment funds with real estate acquisitions.

Vidas Rudokas

Vidas Rudokas of RELEGAL has a firm grasp of handling regulatory matters in the real estate sector.

Sandra Bliuvaitė-Šulcienė

Firm: TGS Baltic
Sandra Bliuvaitė-Šulcienė distinguishes herself by handling real estate mandates adeptly. She is especially active in commercial and residential development projects, in addition to assisting with real estate-related disputes.

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