Top 10 Expert Attorneys Navigating Netherlands’ Complex Public, Planning, and Environmental Laws

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In this article, we will showcase and explain some of the most interesting Public Law: Planning and Environment lawyers in the Netherlands. These lawyers are at the forefront of navigating the complex landscape of planning and environmental law in the country, offering valuable expertise and guidance to their clients. Read on to learn more about these legal professionals and their contributions to the field.

Willem Bosma – Van der Feltz advocaten

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Willem Bosma is a highly experienced lawyer at Van der Feltz advocaten. His expertise spans the entire scope of planning and environmental law, including soil contamination, zoning, and permit issues. He is particularly skilled in handling contentious proceedings, ensuring that his clients’ interests are protected. With his deep knowledge of the legal landscape, Willem Bosma is a trusted advisor in the field of public law: planning and environment.

Marieke Kaajan – ENVIR Advocaten

Description: Marieke Kaajan advises on contentious and non-contentious permitting and zoning matters. She offers additional experience in nitrogen emissions matters and EU environmental directives.

Marieke Kaajan is a dedicated lawyer at ENVIR Advocaten. While the firm doesn’t have a website, Marieke’s expertise in public law: planning and environment is widely recognized. She provides valuable advice on permitting and zoning matters, both in contentious and non-contentious cases. With her specialization in nitrogen emissions and EU environmental directives, Marieke brings a unique perspective and added value to her clients. Her knowledge and skills make her a key player in the Netherlands’ legal landscape.

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Tijn Kortmann – Stibbe

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Tijn Kortmann, a renowned lawyer at Stibbe, is a trusted advisor in planning and environmental law. He assists his clients in navigating challenges related to environmental nuisance, zoning, permitting, and soil contamination. Tijn’s expertise also extends to handling matters related to nuclear power plants, showcasing his comprehensive understanding of the field. With his strategic insights and knowledge, Tijn provides effective solutions to clients’ planning and environmental concerns.

Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen – Pels Rijcken

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With a focus on large development projects, Daniëlle Roelands-Fransen of Pels Rijcken excels in advising clients on zoning and mobility plans. She is well-versed in representing clients in proceedings concerning environmental permits, leveraging her deep understanding of the legal framework. Daniëlle’s expertise and dedication to her craft make her a valuable resource in the field of public law: planning and environment.

Anne-Marie Klijn – NewGround Law

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Anne-Marie Klijn, a talented lawyer at NewGround Law, provides exceptional advice on planning and environmental law to developers working on large construction projects. She offers valuable assistance in environmental impact assessments and zoning plans, ensuring her clients meet all necessary requirements. Anne-Marie is also a skilled litigator, frequently representing clients in court proceedings related to permitting disputes. Her expertise and commitment to her clients’ success make her an invaluable asset in the field.

Fleur Onrust – ENVIR Advocaten

Description: Fleur Onrust is experienced in handling environmental permitting matters, as well as nature conservation and soil contamination mandates. She often represents clients from the private and public sectors in contentious proceedings.

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Fleur Onrust, another prominent lawyer at ENVIR Advocaten, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. She specializes in environmental permitting matters, nature conservation, and soil contamination mandates. Fleur’s expertise extends to representing clients from both the private and public sectors in contentious proceedings. Her ability to navigate complex issues and drive favorable outcomes makes her a go-to lawyer in the public law: planning and environment field.

Maayke Maas-Cooymans – Ploum

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Maayke Maas-Cooymans, a skilled lawyer at Ploum, has a solid track record in handling both contentious and non-contentious environmental permitting matters. She is highly regarded for her work on zoning plans and offshore wind permitting mandates, providing effective solutions to her clients. With her extensive knowledge and pragmatic approach, Maayke is a sought-after legal professional in the public law: planning and environment space.

Jochem Spaans – Allen & Overy LLP

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Jochem Spaans, a seasoned lawyer at Allen & Overy LLP, is an expert in advising clients on zoning and environmental law aspects of development and redevelopment projects. He assists his clients in complying with domestic environmental regulations, ensuring their operations are in line with legal requirements. Jochem’s comprehensive understanding of the field allows him to provide effective and strategic guidance to his clients.

Guido Koop – Loyens & Loeff

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Guido Koop, a trusted lawyer at Loyens & Loeff, offers valuable legal advice to clients in the real estate and project development sectors. His expertise lies in addressing environment and planning concerns, ensuring clients are well-informed and well-protected. With his commitment to delivering practical and tailored solutions, Guido is an asset in the field of public law: planning and environment.

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Jan Jakob Peelen – Dentons

Firm Website

Jan Jakob Peelen, a highly regarded lawyer at Dentons, is a trusted advisor in permitting issues and contentious matters involving emissions legislation and chemical regulations. Clients rely on Jan Jakob’s expertise to navigate the complex legal landscape, ensuring compliance with regulations while protecting their interests. His proficiency in the field of public law: planning and environment makes him an invaluable legal professional.

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