Top 10 Dynamic Brazilian International Trade Lawyers to Watch in 2023

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In the international sphere of law, lawyers play a key role in maintaining the balance of trade and ensuring requirements of the World Trade Organization (WTO) are met. Brazil boasts a collection of lawyers skilled in this niche area. They assist in maintaining this balance and attending to the challenging demands that come with such a vast and diversified industry. This article spotlights several of these noteworthy Brazilian lawyers, providing a glimpse into their expertise specifically within International Trade and WTO law.

International Trade law and WTO law deal with rules, regulations and standards that countries have to abide by when conducting international trade. These legal professionals work with international bodies, on trade issues and agreements, tariff classifcations, anti-dumping investigations and more. The professionals mentioned in this article stand out owing to their knowledge, skill set, reputation and experience in Brazil’s International Trade and WTO sector.

The lawyers are from top law firms and have made significant contributions to the field of International Trade/WTO law. They are recognized for their diligence and commitment to their clients’ needs, as well as their technical expertise in handling complex cases and legislation. Now, let’s dive into the details about each lawyer:

Deborah De Sousa e Castro Melo

Associated with Magalhães e Dias, Melo’s excellent track record resonates with her clientele. Her expertise lies in anti-dumping investigations, free trade agreements, tariff classifications, and subsidies investigations.

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Leonor Cordovil

Partner at Grinberg, Cordovil Advogados, Leonor Cordovil is an excellent practitioner, primarily operating in trade remedies mandates. Chemical, plastic, and steel industries frequently approach her for assistance with anti-dumping investigations, imports and sunset reviews.

Renê Guilherme da Silva Medrado

Renê Guilherme da Silva Medrado is a partner at Pinheiro Neto Advogados. He excels in handling high-profile mandates involving anti-dumping investigations and import tariffs reduction. His approach is highly admired by clients and is usually sought after for advice on sophisticated Mercosur investments.

Ana Teresa Caetano

Ana Teresa Caetano works with Veirano Advogados. A distinguished expert in international trade, Caetano has an extensive portfolio encompassing high-profile anti-dumping mandates and sunset reviews, as well as providing sophisticated legal opinions.

José Diaz

Found at Demarest Advogados, José Diaz is venerated in the market for his extensive experience in advising significant private and publicly held multinational companies with sophisticated and cross-border M&A transactions.

Claudia Marques

Explicitly recognized for her ability to combine technical knowledge with commercial expertise, Claudia Marques, co-head of department at MPA Trade Law, extensively advises on anti-dumping investigations, sunset reviews and safeguard proceedings.

Bruno Augustin

Working with Fialho Salles Advogados, Bruno Augustin’s expertise in international trade is highly valued by his clients. He often advises on anti-dumping, sunset reviews, WTO matters and trade agreement issues.

Francisco Negrão

Co-head of department at Trench Rossi Watanabe, Francisco Negrão handles a wide range of international trade mandates. He advises clients from the paper, food, and rubber industries on anti-dumping investigations, sunset reviews trade barriers and public interest analysis.

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Carla Amaral Junqueira

Carla Amaral Junqueira of Carla Junqueira & Associadas Trade Law is appreciated for her availability, knowledge and timely updates. With a multitude of mandates to her credit, she helps businesses reduce import tariffs, deal with anti-dumping and safeguard investigations.

Rodrigo Pupo

Rodrigo Pupo of MPA Trade Law is known for his acumen in communications and meeting demanding deadlines. His practice areas are anti-dumping investigation, sunset reviews, trade agreements and sector-related governance issues.

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