Top 10 Dispute Resolution Luminaries Shaping Finnish Law in 2023

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In a corporate landscape as diverse and competitive as Finland’s, businesses are bound to face disagreements that can escalate into legal disputes. Fortunately, the Finnish legal industry is teeming with skilled attorneys specialized in dispute resolution, who expertly navigate the stormy seas of corporate conflict. Here, we showcase some of the most distinguished lawyers in the field and delve deeper into their backgrounds and expertise.

Every lawyer featured on this list boasts a high level of expertise in the field of dispute resolution, making them indispensable assets for businesses in need of dispute resolution services. Ranging from commercial disputes, patent infringement, and liability cases, to construction disputes and white-collar crime investigations, these lawyers offer an impressive toolkit of legal strategies aimed to deescalate and resolve legal disagreements.

Without further ado, let’s meet these outstanding professionals, each one outshining within their law firms and leaving a distinctive mark on the Finnish legal scene.

Marko Hentunen

At Castrén & Snellman, we find Marko Hentunen, an eminent lawyer with a long-standing reputation as an arbitrator. Aside from assisting with commercial disputes, Hentunen also handles criminal investigations, showcasing the versatility of his legal prowess.

Patrik Lindfors

A stellar disputes lawyer, Patrik Lindfors, is a prominent figure in the Lindfors & Co Attorneys at Law Ltd. Lindfors’ remarkable legal career is speckled with domestic and cross-border arbitrations. In addition, he offers top-tier legal advice in litigation pertaining to insurance-related disputes, patent infringement, and contractual matters.

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Marko Wainio

Over at HPP Attorneys Ltd resides Marko Wainio, a lauded lawyer who adeptly juggles construction disputes and other commercial conflicts. Wainio is also a highly regarded arbitrator, bringing objectivity and fairness to every case he oversees.

Petra Kiurunen

Also part of Lindfors & Co Attorneys at Law Ltd, Petra Kiurunen is a highly regarded arbitrator with demonstrated expertise in construction and contractual disputes. Her knack for arbitration makes her an undeniable force in the field.

Mikko Elonheimo

In Krogerus, we have Mikko Elonheimo, an esteemed lawyer who represents clients on a variety of contentious topics. His practice areas include liability, contractual, and construction-related disputes, showcasing his vast legal knowledge.

Kristiina Liljedahl

With a legal portfolio encompassing work safety offences, construction and trade secret disputes, Kristiina Liljedahl showcases her expertise at Borenius. Her strategic approach and attention to detail make her a reliable choice in complex dispute resolution cases.

Markus Manninen

A top lawyer at Hannes Snellman, Markus Manninen frequently acts in commercial, shareholder, and construction disputes. A great part of Manninen’s charm comes from his marked expertise in sports law, which adds a unique facet to his commendable profile.

Anders Forss

Also located at Castrén & Snellman, Anders Forss exhibits prowess in a variety of litigation matters, including construction, competition disputes, and white-collar crime cases. His additional expertise in arbitration rounds up a stellar legal career.

Markus Kokko

Adding to the legal talent at Borenius, Markus Kokko specializes in a broad range of litigation matters, including commercial agreement breach cases, damages disputes, and white-collar crime proceedings. Furthermore, Kokko often takes on domestic and international arbitration mandates.

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Tapio Väätäinen

Completing our roster is Tapio Väätäinen from Eversheds Asianajotoimisto Oy (a member of Eversheds Sutherland). Väätäinen handles a wide range of contractual disputes and white-collar crime-related matters, and also represents clients in arbitrations, reinforcing his reputation as a skilled dispute resolution attorney.

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