Top 10 Dispute Resolution Lawyers Shaping Bolivia’s Legal Landscape in 2023

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Business litigation can be a complicated and challenging field in the world of law, with legal disputes arising from a variety of sources such as contracts, partnerships, and commercial properties. The stakes are high, and the outcome of these legal disputes can have profound impacts on businesses and industries. Within this context, Bolivia has a powerhouse of accomplished dispute resolution lawyers providing expert legal advice and representation in litigious matters that arise within the business landscape. These experts operate with an aim to charge structures and fees that are competitive, while providing clients with quality services.

Dispute resolution, particularly within the commercial world, requires professional precision, in-depth understanding and a strategic approach. It is a specialist area that cannot be handled without expertise. Thus, we present to you our showcase of some of Bolivia’s top lawyers who have significant experience and a track record of delivering high quality dispute resolution services.

Businesses often face a multitude of issues that may require legal action. From structural disputes to conflicts with clients, these problems can indeed become overwhelming. Therefore, with the rising complexity of business law and the increasing challenges businesses face, this list will serve as a valuable resource to those seeking high caliber dispute resolution legal counsel in Bolivia. These lawyers have consistently provided exceptional service, demonstrating a high degree of professionalism, integrity, and most importantly, a keen understanding of the regional legal landscape.

Raul Sanjines

Hailing from the firm Sanjines & Asociados – Abogados, Raul Sanjines has emerged as a dynamic presence in the dispute resolution space. Known for a keen focus on championing the interests of his company, he demonstrates effective knowledge application that has been deemed highly efficient by numerous satisfied clients.

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Ariel Morales V

Representing Bufete Aguirre, Quintanilla, Soria & Nishizawa Sociedad Civil – BAQSN, Ariel Morales stands out in the fields of arbitration and litigation. Described as clear, proactive, and consistently ahead of the game, Ariel is lauded for his excellent litigating abilities.

Juan José Lima

Operating out of Lima & Asociados S.C., Juan José Lima is known for his expert dispute resolution advising for important clients in the country’s energy and mining industries. Considered dedicated and intelligent, his conflict resolution strategies speak for themselves.

Bernardo Wayar Caballero

From Wayar & Von Borries Abogados S.C., Bernardo Wayar Caballero is an impressive partner dealing with commercial and investor-state arbitration cases as well as civil litigation proceedings within Bolivia. Clients sing his praises, labeling him as an outstanding professional.

Alejandro Peláez Kay

A representation of Pelaez Abogados, Alejandro Peláez Kay remains active in resolving conflicts particularly for clients from the construction and oil and gas industries. His deep understanding of litigation and arbitration spheres earns him enormous respect among market observers.

Primitivo Gutiérrez

Primitivo Gutiérrez, a respected partner from Dentons Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C., is a go-to professional for the real estate dispute resolution needs within Bolivia. His extensive experience and significant litigation practice receive special mention in the industry.

José Mario Serrate Paz (Sr)

A senior statesperson at Serrate Paz y Asociados, José Mario Serrate Paz specializes in arbitration matters. His long-term, business-oriented vision earns him a prominent reputation in the Bolivian dispute sphere.

Ramiro Moreno Baldivieso

Ramiro Moreno Baldivieso of Moreno Baldivieso, showcases his dexterity in both litigation and arbitration matters. Through his sophisticated professional approach, he has become a respected voice in the Bolivian market.

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Rodrigo Rivera

From Dentons Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C., Rodrigo Rivera is applauded for his experience in dispute resolution cases related to competition law. His technical skills and solid knowledge in litigation are highly valued in the industry.

Bernardo A Wayar Ocampo

Bernardo Wayar Ocampo, from Wayar & Von Borries Abogados S.C., is celebrated for his experience in arbitration as well as in civil and commercial litigation mandates within Bolivia. As a professional, educated, and qualified expert, he is highly recommended for his vast legal knowledge.

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