Top 10 Danish Real Estate: Construction Lawyers Transforming the Industry in 2023

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Denmark’s real estate market is both versatile and dynamic, bringing with it a multitude of complexities and legal implications. Being a sector accompanied with immense investments, risks and returns, it calls for the employment of legal expertise in its operation. One such expertise is that of a construction attorney – a professional who is pivotal in the negotiation of agreements, mediation of disputes, and representation in litigations. In Denmark, several prominent attorneys stand out for their knowledge, experience, and contribution to the real estate construction sector.

The roles of these lawyers are diverse, encompassing everything from advising clients about their rights and obligations, to addressing legal problems that can arise in real estate transactions, construction contracts, and associated disputes. In Denmark, some of the best lawyers have specialised in this area of law, offering efficient and sophisticated legal solutions that ensure the successful completion of their clients’ construction projects.

10 of Denmark’s most distinguished construction lawyers in the real estate sector are as follows. Their passion, dedication to their clients, and mastery of the law gives them a unique edge in a fiercely competitive market. They are at the top of their field and continue to drive progress in the Danish real estate construction industry.

Christian Molt Wengel

Affiliated with his namesake firm, Molt Wengel, Christian Molt Wengel has amassed significant experience in the Danish construction market, offering consultation on both contentious and non-contentious mandates. His expertise in the sector is widely acknowledged, but he unfortunately does not have a firm website for further details.

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Niels Jørgen Oggesen

Hailing from Horten is Niels Jørgen Oggesen, an experienced attorney who assists with the negotiation of turnkey contracts. Notably, he also represents clients in construction disputes, including arbitration proceedings.

Kasper Mortensen

Kasper Mortensen of Poul Schmith impresses with his remarkable credibility in the construction industry, frequently managing complex construction arbitrations on behalf of construction companies, contractors, state-owned entities and developers.

Henrik Hauge Andersen

Celebrated lawyer Henrik Hauge Andersen of VILTOFT operates in a diverse range of contentious proceedings, most notably in cases related to the construction of hospitals and transportation infrastructure.

Bo Schmidt Pedersen

Also from Poul Schmith, Bo Schmidt Pedersen is highly active in large developments and the connected disputes, regularly advising on hospital and infrastructure projects. He also assists with renovation and refurbishment mandates.

Rasmus Holm Hansen

Rasmus Holm Hansen, another acclaimed lawyer from Poul Schmith, offers legal advice to municipalities and construction companies working on infrastructure, hospital, residential and mixed-use projects. He is also experienced in contentious proceedings, and has a special expertise in PPP contracts.

Jens Hjortskov

Representing Bech-Bruun, Jens Hjortskov frequently provides consultation on urban development, infrastructure projects and artificial islands. He often steps up to represent clients in construction-related disputes.

Peter Dianati

Peter Dianati of Skau Reipurth specializes in handling construction disputes, including arbitration proceedings. He also offers advice on the development and sale of residential projects.

Peter Fogh

At Plesner, Peter Fogh impresses with his extensive experience of the construction of datacentres, research and development facilities and large infrastructure projects. Well-versed in contentious proceedings, he is a veteran at handling arbitration.

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Peter Fauerholdt Thommesen

Peter Fauerholdt Thommesen from VILTOFT is reputed for handling complex construction projects and disputes in the healthcare and transportation sectors. He has provided legal services to engineers, architects and employers.

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