Top 10 Capital Market Lawyers Commanding Switzerland’s Financial Landscape in 2023

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Switzerland is a primary hub for international finance; at the heart of this are exceptional Capital Market Lawyers who play a vital role in capital market transactions. These lawyers, likewise, provide well thought-through financing strategies, regulatory advice, and risk management considerations. In this list are prominent Capital Markets lawyers in Switzerland who deliver high-grade legal solutions to clients in various sectors.

Moreover, they have mastered the intricacies of a wide array of financial products and are hailed for their analytical approach to fiduciary duties, repricing, and structural changes. Thus, it is crucial to shed light on these professionals’ work, from handling complex bond issuances to IPOs, rights offerings, and regulatory disputes.

In the following sections, we will take a closer look at each lawyer, providing an automatic backlink to their firm’s websites. The important information amassed enables us to better understand the nature of their work and their unique contributions to the legal field of Capital Markets in Switzerland.

Alex Nikitine

Alex Nikitine works with Walder Wyss Ltd, where he acts for underwriters on rights offerings in the Capital Market industry. Handling a wide array of clients, Nikitine brings a fresh perspective to the Capital Market landscape in Switzerland.

Thomas Reutter

Thomas Reutter, from the firm Advestra, has a strong reputation for advising on capital markets mandates. He has in-depth experience in SPAC transactions, IPOs, and share placements, and also assists with bond and note issuances.

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Philippe A Weber

Philippe Weber boasts a stellar reputation at Niederer Kraft Frey for advising both issuers and banking syndicates on high-profile IPOs. Weber also notably lends his expertise in rights offerings.

Jacques Iffland

With an established note program, Jacques Iffland of Lenz & Staehelin assists clients with note issuances. His extensive industry knowledge has made him a valued player in Switzerland’s Capital Markets.

Lee Saladino

US-qualified Lee Saladino of Homburger has notable expertise advising Swiss clients on note offerings in the USA and on US senior debt programmes, providing crucial service to businesses of varied types.

René Bösch

René Bösch from Homburger is a leading expert in Swiss banking regulatory matters. Offering top-tier advice in crafting new legislation and its implementation, Bösch services along with the entire banking sector of Switzerland.

Benjamin K. Leisinger

Benjamin Leisinger of Homburger is known for acting on a range of regulatory mandates, often related to cryptocurrency. He also advises financial organisations on various matters and represents them in US class actions.

Markus D Pfenninger

Markus Pfenninger from Walder Wyss Ltd assists clients with bond issuances, specifically green and hybrid bonds, being a reliable contributor in the Capital Market industry.

Martin Lanz

Martin Lanz of Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd, assists Swiss financial sector clients with bond issuances. With extensive industry experience, Lanz continues to provide invaluable service to clients.

Christian Leuenberger

Christian Leuenberger of Pestalozzi frequently assists clients with the private placement of shares and with amendments to note facilities. He has additional experience advising clients on IPOs and representing them in regulatory disputes.

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