The Shocking Reality: Mum’s Battle with Toxic Mould Reveals Landlord’s Negligence

Unveiling the Untold Saga of Housing Negligence: A Tenant's Fight Against Toxic Mould

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Key Takeaways:

  • A resilient mother-of-two, Beverley McNally, endured a five-year struggle with toxic mould in her home, leading to health hazards for her and her asthmatic daughters.
  • Despite numerous complaints to her council landlord, Ealing Council, Beverley faced delays and negligence in addressing the mould issue.
  • Legal intervention resulted in a £3000 compensation settlement and overdue repairs, shedding light on the responsibilities of landlords to ensure safe living conditions for tenants.

Living Nightmare: A Mother’s Struggle with Toxic Mould

Beverley McNally’s journey through the past five years has been marked by adversity and frustration as she battled against the insidious threat of toxic mould infiltrating her home. A devoted mother of two, Beverley faced unimaginable challenges as her family’s health and well-being were jeopardized by the relentless spread of mould.

A Growing Menace: The Emergence of Toxic Mould

What began as a minor leak in Beverley’s bathroom extractor fan burgeoned into a full-blown crisis, shrouding her Ealing townhouse in a veil of dampness and decay. As the mould crept insidiously across walls and ceilings, Beverley and her daughters, Chelsea and Sophie, found themselves trapped in a living nightmare, their sanctuary transformed into a hazardous environment.

Futile Appeals: The Frustrating Battle Against Negligence

Despite Beverley’s persistent pleas for intervention, Ealing Council, her landlord, remained indifferent to her plight. Repeated complaints fell on deaf ears, with the council dismissing her concerns and even denying receipt of her reports—an infuriating cycle of neglect that left Beverley and her family feeling abandoned and powerless.

A Desperate Cry for Help: Legal Intervention

In February 2023, Beverley, exhausted from years of fruitless appeals, sought solace in legal recourse. Manchester-based firm Veritas Solicitors took up her case, shedding light on the landlord’s negligence and advocating for Beverley’s right to safe and habitable living conditions.

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A Long-Awaited Resolution: Justice Served

After months of legal proceedings, Ealing Council finally conceded, agreeing to a £3000 compensation settlement and committing to rectifying the long-overdue repairs within 120 days. While Beverley’s victory brings a semblance of closure, the specter of mould recurrence looms ominously, casting a shadow of uncertainty over her family’s future.

Echoes of a Larger Issue: Landlord Obligations and Tenant Rights

Beverley’s ordeal serves as a sobering reminder of the systemic failures within the housing sector, where tenants’ grievances often fall on deaf ears, and landlords shirk their responsibilities. Veritas Solicitors’ Managing Partner, Faraz Fazal, emphasizes the imperative for landlords to uphold their duty of care and underscores tenants’ rights to safe and healthy living environments.


As Beverley McNally and her family embark on the path towards recovery, their story stands as a poignant testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Yet, beyond their personal saga lies a broader call to action—a call for systemic reform and accountability within the realm of housing governance.

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  • Veritas Solicitors LLP: Established in 2007, Veritas Solicitors LLP is based in central Manchester. The firm specializes in housing disrepair, personal injury, medical negligence, immigration, family and matrimonial, industrial disease, financial mis-selling, and commercial law. Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


  • Beverley McNally: “The house wasn’t comfortable to live in, but we had to stay here. It was really affecting us all.”
  • Faraz Fazal, Managing Partner at Veritas Solicitors: “This case is a reminder to landlords that they have a duty to provide safe homes for their tenants and a reminder to tenants that they deserve to be taken seriously.”
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