The Power of Giving: How Supporting Charities Boosts Mental Wellbein

Benefact Group Report Shows the Power of Giving on Mental Wellbeing

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Key Takeaways:

  • New research reveals a direct link between charitable giving and positive mental health outcomes.
  • People who volunteer and donate to charity are almost twice as likely to feel optimistic about the future.
  • Volunteering and donating also lead to increased feelings of connectedness and relaxation.

Support a charity to feel more optimistic, new report from Benefact Group finds

In an era where mental health is gaining increasing attention, a groundbreaking report by Benefact Group, the UK’s third-largest corporate donor, has shed light on the powerful relationship between supporting charities and positive mental health outcomes. The report, titled “The Value of Giving 2022,” reveals compelling evidence that individuals who volunteer and donate to charitable causes experience a significant boost in optimism and overall life satisfaction. With mental health awareness at the forefront of societal concerns, this research offers valuable insights into the impact of giving on personal wellbeing.

Charitable Acts Foster Optimism and Connection

According to the Benefact Group’s report, individuals who engage in charitable acts are nearly twice as likely to feel optimistic about the future compared to those who do not. The findings indicate that a remarkable 33.8% of adults who donate to charity report feeling optimistic, in contrast to only 28.2% among non-donors. Furthermore, the positive impact extends to volunteers as well. The report highlights that 45.2% of volunteers experience a sense of optimism, compared to a mere 28.2% of non-volunteers.

Aside from fostering optimism, charitable actions also promote a greater sense of connectedness. The report reveals that three-quarters of donors (74.1%) feel closer to others, whereas only 65.4% of non-donors share the same sentiment. Similarly, 58.1% of volunteers report feeling more relaxed, highlighting the calming effect of selfless service compared to the 48.2% of non-volunteers who experience this emotional state. Additionally, a significant 70.8% of volunteers express a sense of usefulness, in contrast to 66.1% among those who do not volunteer.

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The Relationship Between Giving and Life Satisfaction

The research conducted by Benefact Group also explores the impact of charitable acts on life satisfaction. The findings indicate that volunteering for nine hours is equivalent to the increased satisfaction gained from earning an extra £1,000 per month. Similarly, donating £231 to charitable causes within a year leads to a similar boost in overall satisfaction. These insights highlight the substantial benefits of both time and monetary contributions to charitable organizations.

Mark Hews, the Group Chief Executive of Benefact Group, emphasizes the importance of giving, stating, “The findings show us that being charitable is not only good for society but also for those who take part.” He further highlights the economic impact of charitable acts, emphasizing that the Value of Giving report offers unique analysis on how the charity sector significantly contributes to the broader economy. Hews encourages businesses to play a more influential role in supporting charitable causes, both through financial contributions and by empowering staff to volunteer.

Supporting Charities: A Win-Win for All Parties Involved

The Benefact Group’s report underscores the mutual benefits that arise from supporting charitable causes. Individuals who both donate and volunteer report higher levels of positive emotions compared to those who do neither. In fact, those who engage in both activities are 1.7 times more likely to feel optimistic about the future. Additionally, they experience a greater sense of connectedness, with 74.6% expressing feelings of closeness to others. This statistic stands in contrast to the 64.5% reported by individuals who do not participate in charitable acts.

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The report suggests that the positive impact of supporting charities extends beyond personal wellbeing. Benefact Group’s research demonstrates that businesses can play a significant role in supporting the charity sector, thereby creating a powerful force in society. Hews asserts that companies collectively donating a portion of their profits and encouraging employees to volunteer can have a profound influence on both the charitable sector and the overall well-being of individuals.

Benefact Group, owned by the registered charity Benefact Trust, is a leading financial services group known for its commitment to giving back. As the third-largest corporate donor to charity in the UK, Benefact Group has donated over £100 million since 2016 and aims to reach its target of £250 million by 2025. The group operates a range of businesses, including Ecclesiastical UK, Ecclesiastical Canada, Ecclesiastical Ireland, Ansvar UK, Ansvar Australia, EdenTree Investment Management, SEIB Insurance Brokers, Ecclesiastical Financial Advisory Services, Ecclesiastical Planning Services Ltd, Lycetts Insurance Brokers, Lycetts Financial Services, and Lloyd & Whyte.

Benefact Group’s commitment to charitable acts is deeply rooted in its ethos. The organization believes that giving back to society is not only a responsibility but also an opportunity to create a positive impact. By leveraging their expertise in financial services, Benefact Group channels its available profits toward charitable causes, allowing them to contribute significantly to various initiatives and organizations.

The Value of Giving report, commissioned by Benefact Group and conducted by the Centre of Economics and Business Research (Cebr), showcases the hidden economic value of charitable acts. It demonstrates how donating and volunteering not only benefit individual well-being but also contribute to the broader economy. This report provides crucial insights into the positive correlation between charitable acts, mental health, and overall life satisfaction, presenting a compelling case for businesses and individuals to support charities.

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As the report is released ahead of World Mental Health Awareness Week, it serves as a timely reminder of the importance of addressing mental health concerns in society. The findings highlight the potential of charitable acts as a viable avenue for enhancing mental well-being. By supporting charities, individuals and businesses can contribute to the collective effort of creating a more optimistic and connected society.


In conclusion, the Benefact Group’s Value of Giving report offers valuable insights into the positive impact of supporting charities on mental health outcomes. The research demonstrates that individuals who donate and volunteer experience higher levels of optimism, connectedness, and overall life satisfaction. Moreover, businesses have the power to play a pivotal role in supporting the charity sector, fostering a more compassionate and resilient society. As the world grapples with mental health challenges, embracing the value of giving becomes essential in building a brighter future for all.

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