The Game-Changer in Pharmacy: How This New Leadership Move Could Revolutionize Healthcare Retail

Former Community Pharmacy CEO Takes Charge as Chairman, Promising a New Era for Pharmacy Services

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Key Takeaways:

  • Harry McQuillan, ex-CEO of Community Pharmacy, appointed as Chairman of Numark under PHOENIX UK.
  • McQuillan’s role focuses on leveraging community pharmacy potential and advocating for its interests across the UK.
  • His experience with the “pharmacy first” concept in Scotland positions him uniquely to influence pharmacy services development.

A New Chapter in Community Pharmacy

The appointment of Harry McQuillan, the former CEO of Community Pharmacy, as the Chairman of Numark, marks a significant turning point in the landscape of pharmacy services in the UK. This strategic move by PHOENIX UK aims to tap into McQuillan’s extensive experience and vision for community pharmacies.

Experience Meets Innovation

Harry McQuillan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his new role. His background in developing and implementing progressive pharmacy contracts showcases his ability to align patient care with the operational needs of the pharmacy sector. His appointment is seen as a crucial step in enhancing the capabilities and influence of community pharmacies.

Shaping Policy and Advocacy One of McQuillan’s primary roles will be to ensure that policymakers across the UK fully grasp the potential of community pharmacies. His experience positions him ideally to represent the interests of Numark members effectively and to advocate for advancements in the sector.

Steve Anderson’s Perspective Commenting on McQuillan’s appointment, Steve Anderson, Group MD of PHOENIX UK, emphasized the value McQuillan adds to the Numark partnership. “Harry’s understanding of how community pharmacy can work successfully with government officials and politicians is unparalleled,” said Anderson. He expects McQuillan’s insights and experiences to be instrumental in developing Numark’s propositions and influencing governmental policies.

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McQuillan’s Vision for Community Pharmacy

Harry McQuillan expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, stating, “Throughout my career, I have been a passionate advocate for community pharmacy delivering better patient care.” He views Numark, known for its innovative approach, as the ideal platform to advance pharmacy services across the UK. McQuillan acknowledges the challenges ahead but is confident in Numark’s ability to meet them in partnership with its members.

Challenges and Opportunities Ahead The path ahead for community pharmacies is filled with both challenges and opportunities. McQuillan’s experience with the “pharmacy first” concept in Scotland, recognized as one of the most advanced community pharmacy provisions in Europe, is particularly relevant. His expertise in this area will be vital in persuading governments in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland to explore and unlock the full potential of community pharmacies.

The Role of Numark Under McQuillan’s Leadership

Numark, operating under the umbrella of PHOENIX UK, plays a crucial role in supporting independent, multiple, and Rowlands pharmacies. With McQuillan at the helm, Numark is poised to enhance its support for these pharmacies, providing them with the tools and resources needed to thrive in a competitive healthcare market.

Advocating for Better Patient Care McQuillan’s passion for better patient care through community pharmacies will drive Numark’s strategic direction. His leadership is expected to bring about innovative solutions and approaches that benefit both pharmacies and patients.

The Impact of McQuillan’s Appointment

The appointment of Harry McQuillan as Chairman of Numark represents a significant development in the community pharmacy sector. His leadership is anticipated to bring a fresh perspective and drive transformative changes that will benefit the entire industry.

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A Vision for the Future Under McQuillan’s guidance, Numark is expected to strengthen its position as a leader in the pharmacy sector. His focus on collaboration, innovation, and patient care aligns with the evolving needs of the healthcare industry, promising a brighter future for community pharmacies across the UK.


Harry McQuillan’s appointment as the Chairman of Numark symbolizes a new era for community pharmacies in the UK. His extensive experience and visionary approach are set to make significant contributions to the sector, enhancing the role of pharmacies in delivering patient care and supporting the growth of the healthcare industry

as a whole. As McQuillan takes the reins at Numark, the industry looks forward with anticipation to the changes and advancements his leadership is expected to bring.

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