The Future of Cardiac Care: A Game-Changing Robotic Platform Enters China’s Medical Arena

Robocath's R-OneTM Marks a Milestone in Cardiovascular Treatment with NMPA Approval

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Robocath’s R-OneTM robotic platform receives approval from China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA).
  2. The platform, a first of its kind in China, promises enhanced precision and safety in cardiovascular procedures.
  3. Partnership between Robocath and MedBot, under the joint venture Cathbot, sets a new standard in interventional cardiology.

A Landmark Achievement in Medical Robotics: January 9, 2024, marked a significant milestone in the field of medical technology as Robocath, a leader in robotic solutions for cardiovascular diseases, announced the NMPA approval for its R-OneTM robotic platform in China. This groundbreaking development not only brings a new era of precision in cardiovascular treatments but also positions Robocath at the forefront of the rapidly evolving medical robotics sector.

Innovating Cardiovascular Treatment: R-OneTM’s entry into the Chinese market signifies a paradigm shift in how cardiovascular diseases are treated. The platform’s cutting-edge technology offers unprecedented accuracy and safety, greatly enhancing the quality of endovascular procedures. This innovative approach is a result of the meticulous work of Robocath in partnership with MedBot, the robotic subsidiary of MicroPort Scientific Corporation, under their joint venture, Cathbot.

Clinical Trials Pave the Way: The approval from NMPA was significantly influenced by the remarkable results of a multicenter clinical trial involving 145 patients across China. This trial, showcasing R-OneTM’s capabilities, underscores the platform’s potential to transform cardiac care. The full details of the trial, eagerly awaited by the medical community, are set to be published shortly.

Expert Opinions on the Breakthrough: Chao He, President of MedBot, expressed enthusiasm about the platform’s arrival in China, highlighting the benefits it brings to interventional cardiologists, including complete protection from X-rays and increased procedural precision. Lucien Goffart, CEO of Robocath, reflected on the achievement as a key step in the company’s international growth strategy, emphasizing China’s position as the world’s largest and most dynamic vascular market.

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Visionary Leadership Fuels Progress: Philippe Bencteux, President and Founder of Robocath, shared his pride in receiving approval for R-OneTM in such a strategic market. He underscored the company’s commitment to integrating robotics and artificial intelligence in interventional medicine. The recent approval and promising human trials for remote treatment signal a bright future for Robocath’s ventures in vascular robotics.

About the Collaborators:

  • MedBot: Established in 2014, MedBot is a pioneer in intelligent surgical robotic systems and solutions, with achievements in minimally invasive surgery technologies.
  • MicroPort®: Founded in 1998, MicroPort® has emerged as a global leader in medical technology, spanning various healthcare domains and impacting patient lives worldwide.
  • Robocath: Since its inception in 2009, Robocath has been dedicated to designing, developing, and commercializing smart robotic solutions to treat cardiovascular diseases.

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