The Billboard Boom: Revealing the Top 10 Industries Dominating Roadside Advertising

Roadside Ads: The Surprising Industries Leading the Charge in Outdoor Advertising

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Entertainment and Leisure Dominate: The entertainment and leisure industry is the top spender in outdoor roadside advertising, with a staggering 27.2% of the total spend.
  2. Digital Transformation: Digital roadside advertising is on the rise, with a 282% increase in digital screens over the past five years, signaling a shift in advertising trends.
  3. Diverse Sector Participation: A wide range of sectors, including newly emerging ones like business and industrial, are investing heavily in outdoor advertising, underscoring its effectiveness.

Introduction: The Changing Landscape of Outdoor Advertising

Roadside Advertising: A Window to Consumer Engagement

Outdoor roadside advertising, long a staple of the marketing mix, has undergone a transformation. New data reveals a dynamic shift in the industries capitalizing on this form of advertising, with the entertainment and leisure sector leading the way.

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Industry-Specific Insights: Who’s Spending What?

Entertainment and Leisure: The Uncontested Leader

A Dominant Force in Outdoor Ads

The entertainment and leisure industry has emerged as the undisputed champion in outdoor roadside advertising, claiming more than a quarter of the total spend. This heavy investment reflects the industry’s commitment to reaching audiences where they are most engaged.

The Rise of Other Key Players

Diverse Industries Embracing Roadside Ads

Other significant players in roadside advertising include the drinks and food industries, followed closely by telecoms, finance, and more. This diversity indicates a broad recognition of the value of outdoor advertising across various sectors.

The Growth of Digital Roadside Advertising

A Digital Revolution on the Roads

The Surge of Digital Screens

The past five years have witnessed a remarkable 282% increase in digital roadside screens. This growth signifies a major shift in advertising strategies, with digital offering dynamic, flexible, and engaging ways to capture consumer attention.

The Impact on Advertising Spend

A Preference for Digital Formats

The preference for digital formats is evident in the advertising spend, with digital sites accounting for 63% of the total outdoor advertising expenditure. This trend underscores the evolving preferences of advertisers and consumers alike.

The Role of 75Media in Transforming Outdoor Advertising

Expanding Reach and Influence

Strategic Growth and Partnerships

75Media, a prominent outdoor advertising operator, has played a crucial role in this transformation. Their expansion into key urban locations and partnership with the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust illustrates their commitment to growth and sustainability.

Powering Digital Billboards Sustainably

Embracing Renewable Energy

The operator’s decision to power its entire digital network with 100% renewable energy represents a significant step towards environmentally responsible advertising, setting a new standard for the industry.

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Emerging Trends and Future Outlook

New Sectors Making an Impact

Business and Industrial Enter the Top 10

The business and industrial sector, a new entrant in the top 10 spenders on roadside advertising, highlights the evolving nature of the advertising landscape. This entry indicates a shift in how various industries perceive and utilize outdoor ads.

The Role of Healthcare and Education

High Potential Sectors

Despite not featuring in the national top 10, sectors like healthcare and higher education are highly represented in 75Media’s client base. This discrepancy points to untapped potential in these areas for outdoor advertising.

Conclusion: The Broadening Appeal of Roadside Advertising

In conclusion, the latest data on outdoor roadside advertising spend reveals significant trends and shifts in the industry. The dominance of the entertainment and leisure sector, the rapid growth of digital advertising, and the broadening appeal of outdoor ads across diverse sectors underscore the dynamic nature of this marketing medium.


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