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Hosted by Mike Maples Jr, a partner at the renowned venture capital firm FLOODGATE, Starting Greatness offers listeners valuable lessons from startup super performers. The podcast features interviews with some of Silicon Valley’s most legendary entrepreneurs and thought leaders, sharing their insights and experiences before they achieved their phenomenal success. Through these conversations, listeners can gain a unique perspective on the journeys of individuals who have transformed the tech landscape.

Featured Guests:

  • Marc Andreessen – Netscape co-founder
  • Reid Hoffman – LinkedIn founder
  • Sarah Leary – Nextdoor co-founder
  • Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger – Instagram founders
  • And many more!



Podcast Link:

Starting Greatness

Are you fascinated by the stories behind successful startups and entrepreneurs? Do you want to learn from the best and gain insights from those who have paved the way in Silicon Valley? Look no further than the podcast Starting Greatness, hosted by Mike Maples Jr from venture capital firm FLOODGATE.

In this insightful podcast, Mike Maples Jr dives deep into the early experiences and lessons learned by some of the biggest names in the tech industry before they achieved their remarkable success. The featured guests on Starting Greatness include luminaries such as Marc Andreessen, co-founder of Netscape, Reid Hoffman, founder of LinkedIn, and Sarah Leary, co-founder of Nextdoor. Each episode provides a unique glimpse into the mindset, challenges, and pivotal moments faced by these legendary entrepreneurs.

What sets Starting Greatness apart is its focus on the pre-success stories. Listeners gain an inside look at the formative years of these entrepreneurs, understanding how they navigated through obstacles, adapted to changing circumstances, and made critical decisions that ultimately led to their triumphs. By learning from their experiences, budding entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts can avoid common pitfalls and gain valuable insights to apply to their own endeavors.

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Notable episodes include interviews with Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, the co-founders of Instagram. They share anecdotes about their initial struggles, their approach to building a competitive product, and the factors that contributed to their rapid growth. These firsthand accounts provide invaluable lessons in persistence, innovation, and risk-taking.

Floodgate, the publisher of Starting Greatness, is a prominent venture capital firm that has supported the growth of numerous successful startups throughout its history. With this podcast, Floodgate aims to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the inspiration and knowledge necessary to pursue their dreams.

To listen to Starting Greatness and gain insights from the brilliant minds that have shaped the tech industry, visit their official website: Starting Greatness Podcast.

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