Spotlight on Top 10 Greek Banking & Finance Lawyers Dominating 2023

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In the banking and finance sector, lawyers play a crucial role in providing legal advice, helping in the restructuring of debts, offering insights for transactions, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Greece, a country with an intricate economic climate, prides itself in boasting an impressive line-up of banking and finance lawyers who are well-respected in their field. These lawyers navigate the tricky waters of financial law and provide impeccable services for various clients, including banks, corporations, and governmental entities. This article pays homage to some of these notable Greek banking and finance legal experts.

These lawyers bring together a mixture of experience and innovation, demonstrating skilled expertise in numerous finance matters like Non-Performing Loan (NPL) transactions, bond issuances project financings, and more. They have dominated their respective legal industries and are highly sought after by established lenders and borrowers, major corporates, and public entities. They each bring unrivaled insights and considered advice to a range of banking and finance mandates.

Coming from diverse legal backgrounds and firms, they render top-tier banking and financial services. Their range of services spans from handling contentious and non-contentious compliance and regulatory mandates to advising on securitization and capital market transactions. Let’s dive into some of Greece’s renowned banking and finance legal gems and their significant contributions to the industry.

Stathis Potamitis – POTAMITISVEKRIS

A principal figure in the Greek banking and finance sphere, Stathis Potamitis deals with an array of banking and finance mandates. NPL transactions, bond offerings, and regulatory matters lie under his realm of expertise, coupled with significant recognition in the field of restructuring and insolvency practice.

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George Bersis is known for his proficiency in the refinancing of projects and corporate financing. Known lenders and borrowers frequently seek his counsel, particularly when dealings involve the real estate sector.

Prokopis Dimitriadis – Lambadarios Law Firm

Well-versed in bond issuances, NPE portfolio transactions, and project financing, Prokopis Dimitriadis is known to provide wise counsel, especially concerning the real estate sector.

Alexandros Kosmopoulos – AKL Law Firm

Active in M&A transactions and investments in the hospitality sector, Alexandros Kosmopoulos is also trusted in aiding privatisation projects on behalf of public entities.

Dimitris G Tsibanoulis – Tsibanoulis & Partners Law Firm

A notable lawyer, Dimitris G Tsibanoulis, boasts significant experience across the Greek banking and finance sector. He is adept in dealing with both contentious and non-contentious compliance and regulatory mandates.

Nikos Koritsas – Koutalidis Law Firm

Acting as a managing partner, Nikos Koritsas often assists in syndicated loan facilities, corporate finance, debt restructuring, and project financing. He holds special expertise in the infrastructure sector.

Christina Papanikolopoulou – Zepos & Yannopoulos

A leading lawyer, Christina Papanikolopoulou, is known for in-depth expertise across banking and finance mandates. With a forte in advising on notes issuances, securitisations, and regulatory issues, her client list includes prestigious international lenders and investors.

Dimitris Passas – Moratis Passas

Dimitris Passas, a managing partner, has deep-rooted understanding and skill across Greece’s banking and finance sector. His excellency also extends to capital market transactions and regulatory mandates.

Panayotis M Bernitsas – Bernitsas Law

Regarded for his standing in the Greek banking and finance world, Panayotis M Bernitsas is the managing partner of Bernitsas Law firm. His depth of expertise is widely acclaimed.

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Nikolaos Kostikas – Watson Farley & Williams

Often sought for his expertise in NPL portfolio transactions, restructuring, and acquisition financing mandates, Nikolaos Kostikas has made a significant contribution to the banking and finance legal sector.

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