Spotlight on Top 10 Game-Changing Real Estate Lawyers in Kansas 2023

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The state of Kansas is home to many esteemed real estate lawyers who handle all aspects of legal issues surrounding property, ranging from acquisitions, leasing, and Section 1031 exchanges, to zoning and land use concerns. In an industry where intricate knowledge and expertise can make or break a deal, these individuals stand out for their exceptional prowess and dedication to their craft. We have curated profiles for ten such noteworthy lawyers who are making waves in the real estate sector in Kansas. Read on to discover more about each of these talented professionals and their impressive careers.

The field of real estate law entails the legal and regulatory aspects of buying, selling, and using real estate. Lawyers in this field may represent either the buyer or the seller in a real estate purchase transaction. They ensure the transfer is legal, binding, and in the best interest of their client. Furthermore, in a leasing situation, they may work on behalf of the landlord or the tenant. These experienced legal professionals also address zoning issues and collateral matters to land use.

Let’s explore our list of ten remarkable real estate lawyers in Kansas, starting with Mark A Andersen and ending with Roger L Theis. We have highlighted their respective firms, a brief description of their area of expertise, their firm’s website where available, and a quote that sums up their unique approach to their craft.

Mark A Andersen

Mark Andersen is a distinguished lawyer at Barber Emerson LC. A specialist in handling Section 1031 exchanges and zoning work, he is considered a premier real estate lawyer. His practical advice on the broad aspects of real estate law makes him a sought-after professional in this field.

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Ronald H Harnden

Another luminary in the real estate law sector in Kansas is Ronald Harnden, who is part of the esteemed team at Triplett Woolf Garretson, LLC. Known for his expertise in complex acquisitions and sales, he is a leading transactional lawyer in our list.

Jay Shadwick

Jay Shadwick, practicing at Duggan, Shadwick, Doerr & Kurlbaum, P.C., specializes in development, purchasing, and leasing work. His keen insight and experience make him a prominent figure in Kansas’s real estate legal scene.

Michael Book

Also at Duggan, Shadwick, Doerr & Kurlbaum, P.C., Michael Book holds high esteem owing to his expertise in real estate finance matters. His profound understanding of finance-related issues in real estate sets him apart from his peers.

Marc Russell

Marc Russell is another talented lawyer practicing at Duggan, Shadwick, Doerr & Kurlbaum, P.C., who carries a wide-ranging commercial real estate practice. He provides thorough advice on transactional matters, leasing and real estate finance work.

Mike Herd

Mike Herd of Hinkle Law Firm LLC displays versatility by handling various real estate deals, notably leasing and acquisitions. His expertise also extends to the oil, gas, and aviation industries, proving his multifaceted character.

Jeffery C Dahlgren

Jeffery Dahlgren from Triplett Woolf Garretson, LLC. deals with acquisitions, divestitures, and financing matters. He frequently represents landlords and tenants, indicating his adaptability in different roles.

Lewis A Heaven Jr

Lewis Heaven, practicing at Spencer Fane LLP despite the firm’s absence online, brings significant expertise on land use’s local governmental legalities, indicating his expansive real estate practice.

Harry E Wigner Jr

Harry Wigner, a seasoned lawyer at Lathrop GPM, carries a wealth of experience advising on zoning, land use, and development matters, further enriching the Kansas real estate legal realm.

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Roger L Theis

Last but not least, Roger Theis, operating at Morris, Laing, Evans, Brock & Kennedy, Chartered, leverages his expertise for real estate deals like M&A. He often lends his knowledge to the energy and financial sectors, displaying his wide-ranging impact.

Whether it’s advising on complex deals, managing lease agreements or navigating through zoning regulations, these Kansas-based lawyers have shown remarkable proficiency in their area of expertise. They continue to shape the real estate sector with their dedication and insightful approach.

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