Shining a Spotlight on International Arbitration – Exceptional Arbitrators in the USA

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International arbitration has become an indispensable mechanism for resolving cross-border disputes, offering parties a neutral and efficient forum to seek a fair resolution. In the United States, renowned for its legal expertise and robust arbitration infrastructure, a distinguished group of arbitrators has emerged, playing a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of international arbitration. These exceptional legal professionals possess extensive experience, deep knowledge of arbitral procedures, and a track record of successfully resolving complex disputes.

Donald Francis Donovan – Arbitration Chambers

Experienced partner Donald Francis Donovan, affiliated with Arbitration Chambers, boasts an exceptional track record in advising financial investors and corporations on high-profile investor-state cases across Latin America. Renowned for his expertise in international arbitration, Donovan has garnered praise from clients and peers alike. One complimentary client succinctly states, “Donald Francis Donovan is simply the best. I have never worked with a better lawyer in my life.” With his extensive experience and outstanding reputation, Donovan continues to be a driving force in the field of international arbitration.

David Lindsey – Chaffetz Lindsey LLP

As a founding partner at Chaffetz Lindsey LLP, David Lindsey brings a wealth of experience in handling Latin American arbitration cases before various arbitral panels. Lindsey’s notable expertise lies in advising oil and gas companies, as well as construction firms, on commercial disputes arising from joint operating agreements and EPC contracts. With his solid background in international arbitration and his strategic approach to resolving complex cross-border conflicts, Lindsey has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor and advocate for his clients.

Tai-Heng Cheng – Sidley Austin LLP

Tai-Heng Cheng, associated with Sidley Austin LLP, is a prominent figure in the realm of international disputes. Cheng’s active practice encompasses serving as both counsel and arbitrator in commercial and investment arbitrations. Renowned for his encyclopedic knowledge of arbitral procedure, Cheng has earned accolades for his eloquence, sensibility, and market insights. Peers and clients commend him, with one stating, “Tai-Heng is a brilliant, elegant, and fantastic lawyer who really knows the market both in Asia and North America.” With his impressive repertoire, Cheng continues to make significant contributions to the field of international arbitration.

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Daniel Schimmel – Foley Hoag LLP

Daniel Schimmel, a highly regarded figure in international arbitration, stands out for his exceptional work as both an arbitrator and counsel. Recognized for his meticulous approach and creativity, Schimmel has earned praise for his involvement in commercial and investment arbitrations. Known for being well-prepared, practical, and fair-minded, he has become a sought-after professional in the field. Peers commend Schimmel’s incisive questioning and thorough preparation, highlighting his ability to delve into the core issues of a dispute. With his deep understanding of arbitration and commitment to excellence, Schimmel continues to excel in his role.

Joseph E Neuhaus – Sullivan & Cromwell LLP

Joseph Neuhaus, a counsel and arbitrator, stands out for his extensive involvement in international arbitrations across various industries, including energy, healthcare, and intellectual property. Renowned for his brilliance, attention to detail, and strategic acumen, Neuhaus is highly regarded by clients and colleagues. One client emphasizes, “Joseph is fully committed to the client. He is brilliant and has great attention to detail, while at the same time not losing focus on the overall strategy.” With his intellectual firepower and wide-ranging expertise, Neuhaus continues to contribute significantly to the field of international arbitration.

Mark A Cymrot – BakerHostetler LLP

Mark Cymrot, affiliated with BakerHostetler LLP, maintains an active practice as both an arbitrator and counsel in international disputes. With his deep understanding of commercial matters, Cymrot has established himself as an excellent cross-examiner and mentor. Known for his experience and guidance, he has been instrumental in resolving complex international disputes. Peers and clients alike appreciate his skillful approach and mentorship, making him a highly respected figure in the field. With his commitment to excellence and extensive experience, Cymrot continues to make a significant impact in international arbitration.

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Christina G Hioureas – Foley Hoag LLP

Christina Hioureas, an esteemed arbitrator and counsel, has gained recognition for her work in arbitrating international commercial disputes. Known for her excellent commercial awareness, Hioureas combines strategic thinking with a keen eye for detail. Clients value her ability to investigate and distill complex technical information into clear and persuasive arguments. Peers describe her as disciplined, creative, and a formidable advocate for her clients. Hioureas’ leadership skills and relentless pursuit of excellence have earned her a growing reputation in the field of international arbitration.

Kenneth B Reisenfeld – BakerHostetler LLP

Kenneth Reisenfeld, a seasoned arbitration attorney, plays a dual role as both an arbitrator and counsel in commercial and investment treaty matters. Known for his high attention to detail and strong strategic instincts, Reisenfeld leaves no stone unturned in his arbitration practice. Clients appreciate his ability to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the facts and legal theories, crafting pleadings to maximum advantage. With his meticulous planning and comprehensive understanding of international arbitration, Reisenfeld continues to excel in his role as a trusted arbitrator.

Edna R Sussman – Sussman ADR LLC

Edna Sussman, of Sussman ADR LLC, has established an extensive reputation in the field of international arbitration. With considerable experience as both a chair and co-arbitrator, Sussman brings valuable expertise to complex commercial disputes. Her ability to chair proceedings and distill complex issues into clear arguments sets her apart. Known for her thoroughness, creativity, and formidable advocacy, Sussman is highly regarded by peers and clients. With her extensive contributions and leadership in international arbitration, Sussman continues to shape the field.

Elliot E Polebaum – Polebaum Arbitration

Elliot Polebaum, renowned for his expertise and cross-border experience as an arbitrator in commercial cases, is widely respected in the field. Praised for his excellent drafting skills and thoughtful deliberations, Polebaum’s judicious and organized approach to cases garners praise from peers and clients alike. Known for his efficiency and ability to cut through the noise, Polebaum maintains a reputation as an arbitrator who runs proceedings smoothly and calmly. With his exceptional organizational skills and meticulous approach, Polebaum is recognized as one of the top arbitrators in the USA.

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The field of international arbitration in the USA has been significantly enriched by the expertise and dedication of exceptional arbitrators. Their extensive experience, sharp legal acumen, and commitment to fairness have positioned them as trusted advisors and effective neutral decision-makers. Through their work, these arbitrators have contributed to the growth and development of international arbitration as a preferred method of dispute resolution. As the complexities of cross-border disputes continue to evolve, the importance of skilled arbitrators cannot be overstated. The arbitrators highlighted in this article have proven their ability to navigate complex legal issues, deliver well-reasoned decisions, and ensure a fair and efficient resolution of disputes. Their achievements serve as a testament to the value they bring to the field of international arbitration.

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