Seriös Group Empowers Employees with 17.5% Stake via New Shares Scheme

In a bid to reward loyalty and drive growth, the data and test solutions provider has issued a significant share of the company to its employees.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Newcastle-based Seriös Group has given 17.5% of its shares to its employees, allowing them a stake in the company’s future success.
  • The share options scheme has been launched with the company founders distributing equity across three share classes as part of a new enterprise management incentive (EMI) scheme.
  • The move aims to reward employees for their contribution and loyalty, aligning with the company’s aggressive growth targets.
  • All employees are eligible for the scheme, and further rounds will be run annually.
  • The EMI share options will result in a payout if a future transaction involving a change of ownership at Seriös Group occurs.

Seriös Group: A Stake in Future Success for Employees

Newcastle-based data and test solutions provider Seriös Group has allocated 17.5% of its shares to its employees, giving them a significant stake in the company’s future success. The decision to launch a share options scheme will see founders Lee Rorison and David Milnes effectively distribute equity exclusively to colleagues across three share classes as part of a new enterprise management incentive (EMI) scheme.

Aligning Employees with Aggressive Growth Goals

Seriös Group, which embarked on its journey in 2020, is on a rapid growth trajectory. The scheme’s primary goal is to give all its people a stake in the business to reward their loyalty, career progression, and contribution to the company’s growth. Lee Rorison, CEO of Seriös Group, outlined the ambitious growth plan and recognised the importance of his team in this journey, “We’re on an aggressive growth curve at Seriös Group, having seen turnover grow by 77% in the year ending 2022/23 to £2.5 million and with our sights on a £3.8million turnover target by the end of this year.”

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Rewarding Employee Contribution through EMI Share Options

All Seriös Group employees are eligible for the scheme. In the initial round, 26 people have been given EMI share options. The company plans to run further rounds annually in line with its year-end. The EMI scheme not only allows employees to share in the business’s value growth, but also means a potential payout in case of a future change in company ownership.

High-Profile Clientele and Successful Products

Since its inception, Seriös Group has attracted a wide range of high-profile clients, including Sage and De La Rue. It has seen significant growth in the facilities management sector, winning long-term data support contracts with companies such as JLL, Integral, and Premier Technical Services Group (PTSG). The company’s purpose-built data platform, Seriös One, offers powerful insights and analytics, aiding businesses in making data-driven decisions, especially around energy efficiency and space utilisation.

A Step Towards Being a Leading UK Employer

By launching the EMI Scheme, Seriös Group is taking a significant step towards becoming a top employer in the UK. This commitment is reinforced by providing career development opportunities, offering competitive salaries and benefits, and engaging employees with work involving high-tier clients. This move illustrates the importance Seriös Group places on empowering its employees, recognising their crucial role in the company’s ongoing success.

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