Scotland’s Electrifying Future: Pioneering Partnership Fuels EV Revolution!

Zaptec and Robertson Homes Spearhead EV Charging Infrastructure Expansion in Scotland and Northern England

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Key Takeaways:

  • Landmark Partnership: Zaptec signs a multi-year deal with Robertson Homes to install EV chargers in new developments.
  • Innovative Technology: Introduction of Zaptec Pro and Go chargers, featuring cutting-edge technology for efficient EV charging.
  • Sustainable Commitment: The deal aligns with Scotland’s ambitious net-zero goals and new building regulations mandating EV chargers.


In a groundbreaking move set to revolutionize the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in Scotland and Northern England, Zaptec, a leader in EV charging technology, has partnered with esteemed Scottish housebuilder, Robertson Homes. This significant multi-year agreement aims to equip new housing developments with state-of-the-art EV chargers, marking a major stride towards sustainable living.

The Deal: A New Era in EV Charging

Zaptec’s collaboration with Robertson Homes, an award-winning construction group and a titan in the UK housing sector, is a testament to both companies’ commitment to eco-friendly practices. This partnership will see the installation of two innovative models of EV chargers, the Zaptec Pro and Zaptec Go, across numerous Robertson Homes developments, signaling a new chapter in the adoption of EV technology in residential spaces.

Zaptec’s Rise: From Space to Streets

Originating in Norway, a forerunner in the EV market, Zaptec’s journey from providing technology for NASA’s space missions to dominating the EV charging industry is nothing short of remarkable. Holding a dominant 50% market share in Norway, Zaptec has been expanding its influence across borders, with Scotland becoming a key market since 2021.

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Scotland’s Green Ambitions

Scotland’s commitment to becoming net-zero by 2045, a goal more ambitious than the UK’s overall target, is a driving force behind this initiative. With transport emissions being a significant contributor to the country’s carbon footprint, the transition from internal combustion engine vehicles to EVs is crucial. The introduction of new building regulations in Scotland requiring EV charging points in new developments underscores the urgency of this transition.

The Zaptec Go: Redefining EV Charging

Zaptec’s award-winning domestic charger, the Zaptec Go, is a testament to the company’s focus on innovation and safety. Its compact design, universal compatibility, and unique five-year guarantee set a new standard in the EV charging industry. The charger’s accolades, including the Best New Domestic Product award and the 2022 Red Dot Award for design, speak volumes of its quality and appeal.

The Zaptec Pro: Charging Efficiency Enhanced

The Zaptec Pro charger is designed for optimal efficiency and flexibility. Its dynamic phase balancing allows for multiple vehicle charging without overloading the system. This technology ensures an equitable and efficient charging experience, making the Zaptec Pro an ideal solution for public charging stations and large-scale residential developments.

The Impact: A Sustainable Future in Sight

This partnership between Zaptec and Robertson Homes is more than just a business deal; it represents a significant step towards a greener, more sustainable future. By integrating advanced EV charging technology into new housing developments, this collaboration is setting a new standard for eco-friendly living and driving Scotland closer to its ambitious environmental goals.

Looking Forward

As Scotland and Northern England embark on this journey towards widespread EV adoption, the partnership between Zaptec and Robertson Homes serves as a beacon of innovation and sustainability. This initiative not only addresses current environmental challenges but also paves the way for future generations to embrace a cleaner, greener way of living.

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