Rough Trade Reflects on Glastonbury’s Influence on Customer Shopping Habits and Addresses Online Abuse

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Key Takeaways:

  • Glastonbury Festival’s performances have influenced customer shopping habits, with Rough Trade experiencing a surge in interest and sales of artists who performed at the festival.
  • Rough Trade witnessed a significant increase in customers shopping for Elton John (+2,550%), Gabriels (+151%), and Young Fathers (+1,120%) following their Glastonbury performances.
  • Glastonbury’s platform for artists to showcase their music has helped independent music stores like Rough Trade sell more records.
  • Despite the positive impact of Glastonbury, online abuse directed at artist Billy Nomates after her performance was distressing and led to the removal of BBC footage.
  • Lawrence Montgomery, Managing Director of Rough Trade, expressed support for artists and condemned the abuse, emphasizing the challenges artists face and the need for respect and understanding.

Influence of Glastonbury Festival on Customer Shopping Habits

Glastonbury Festival, known for its renowned performances and influential platform for artists, has impacted customer shopping habits, particularly in the music industry. Rough Trade, an independent music store, has reported a surge in interest and sales of artists who performed at the festival. Following his final UK performance, Elton John experienced a remarkable increase in customers shopping for his music, rising by +2,550%. Similarly, Gabriels witnessed a rise of 151%, and Young Fathers saw a notable increase of 1,120%. Other artists such as Fred Again (+250%), Cat Stevens (+150%), and Blondie (+64.29%) also experienced significant boosts in sales.

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Glastonbury’s Positive Impact on Independent Music Stores

Glastonbury’s influence extends beyond boosting artist profiles; it has positively impacted independent music stores like Rough Trade. The festival’s platform has encouraged music fans to seek out real-life copies of the performances they enjoyed, contributing to increased sales and interest in physical music releases. Rough Trade’s sales data following this year’s Glastonbury Festival reflects the continued support of music enthusiasts for their favorite acts.

Addressing Online Abuse and Supporting Artists

Unfortunately, along with the festival’s positive impact, comes the public scrutiny and online abuse directed at artists. Billy Nomates, whose real name is Tor Maries, received a torrent of abuse following her Glastonbury performance, leading to the removal of the BBC footage. Lawrence Montgomery, Managing Director of Rough Trade, expressed his disappointment and sadness over the abusive behavior towards artists. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the challenges artists face and the dedication required to perform on such stages. Montgomery applauded artists like Billy Nomates for their unique creativity and artistic contributions, calling for respect and understanding within the industry.

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