Robocath Unveils Cutting-Edge Robotic Platform Transforming Cardiovascular Treatments

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Key Takeaways:

  • Robocath launches the R-One+ robotic platform for advanced cardiovascular procedures.
  • The R-One+ solution offers precise control and enhanced safety for interventional cardiologists.
  • The platform will be showcased at the EuroPCR conference, highlighting real-life experiences and case studies.

Robocath, a leader in smart robotic solutions for cardiovascular diseases, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation, the R-One+ robotic platform. This groundbreaking technology revolutionizes the field of interventional cardiology, providing physicians with advanced control and protection during coronary angioplasties. The R-One+ platform will be presented at the prestigious EuroPCR conference, where medical professionals will witness its capabilities firsthand.

A New Era in Robotic-Assisted Cardiac Procedures

The R-One+ robotic solution marks a significant milestone in the field of endovascular medicine. Designed to enhance precision and safety, the platform allows interventional cardiologists to perform coronary angioplasties with millimeter accuracy and unparalleled control. By utilizing an integrated control command unit, physicians can operate devices from the comfort of the cathlab or control room, protecting themselves from radiation-induced injuries and creating a more efficient working environment.

Dr. Mohammed Nejjari from the Centre Cardiologique du Nord in France shared his experience, stating, “For the first time, I was able to perform several robotic angioplasties from the comfort of my chair in the control room, completely shielded from X-rays. This new set-up has changed the way we organize our procedures and has given nursing staff the opportunity to develop new skills. Without doubt, it opens up some new and extremely promising avenues for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.”

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Advancing Precision and Comfort with Robotics

The R-One+ platform introduces a new level of comfort and control for interventional cardiologists. With precise positioning and enhanced hand gestures, physicians can perform procedures with increased accuracy and reduced physical strain. The principal operator is shielded from radiation exposure, ensuring their safety during lengthy and complex procedures. This technological advancement represents a transformative chapter in interventional cardiology, as Prof. Michael Haude from the Lukaskrankenhaus hospital in Germany explains, “I firmly believe that robotics has a major role to play in the transformation of interventional cardiology. It will mark a new chapter in the history of our field.”

Robocath’s Commitment to Excellence and Partnership

Lucien Goffart, CEO of Robocath, expressed gratitude towards the medical community and highlighted the company’s dedication to meeting the needs of users. Goffart stated, “The launch of R-One+ shows what our company is all about—listening to our users’ needs and fostering exceptional partnerships to produce the best possible results for physicians. We are one step further on our roadmap to greater commercial success.”

Philippe Bencteux, President and Founder of Robocath, emphasized the role of robotic technology in transforming endovascular medicine, stating, “Robotic technology is digitizing endovascular medicine. I’m delighted that we are now launching R-One+. This solution marks a major step forward in the digital transformation of the cathlab, ensuring better care for patients and better protection for medical staff.”

Robocath at EuroPCR 2023: Showcasing the Future of Cardiovascular Treatment

At the EuroPCR 2023 conference, attendees will have the opportunity to experience the R-One+ platform firsthand. Robocath’s booth on the second floor will provide live demonstrations and testing of the system, allowing participants to witness its capabilities. In addition, a dedicated session titled “Robotic PCI: Real-Life Experience with a New Robotic Platform” will feature presentations from renowned experts in the field, highlighting case studies and the successful integration of robotic technology in cardiovascular procedures.

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Robocath’s mission to enhance patient care and medical staff protection through smart robotic solutions has positioned the company as a key player in the digital evolution of the medical industry. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Robocath continues to pave the way for the future of endovascular medicine.

About Robocath

Robocath, founded in 2009 by Dr. Philippe Bencteux, specializes in the design, development, and commercialization of smart robotic solutions for cardiovascular diseases. The company’s innovative robotic platforms optimize the safety and precision of coronary angioplasties, revolutionizing the field of interventional cardiology. With a strong focus on digital transformation, Robocath aims to become a global leader in vascular robotics, delivering better care and improved outcomes for patients. With its headquarters in Rouen, France, Robocath has assembled a dedicated team of over 70 professionals, driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of medical technology.

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