Revving Up the Market: AutoFlip’s Pioneering Move into New Zealand Shakes Up Auto Industry

Innovative Online Automotive Marketplace Sets Wheels in Motion for Global Expansion with New Zealand Franchise

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Key Takeaways:

  • AutoFlip announces its first franchise signing in New Zealand, marking a significant step in global expansion.
  • The company has evolved rapidly, boasting over 850 licensed dealers and achieving substantial revenue growth.
  • This strategic move is set to transform the automotive selling and buying landscape in New Zealand.

Introduction: AutoFlip, an innovative online automotive marketplace, has made a significant leap in its global expansion plans by establishing its first franchise in New Zealand. This move, in collaboration with local industry leaders Patrick Davey and Ken Quigley, underscores AutoFlip’s rapid growth and commitment to reshaping the automotive market.

AutoFlip’s Journey to Success: In just 2.5 years, AutoFlip has revolutionized the way cars are sold and bought. Starting with a vision to connect private sellers and automotive businesses with a network of licensed dealers, the company has quickly grown into a formidable force in the industry. With a team of over 65 employees and a strong dealer network across Australia, AutoFlip’s success is evident in its impressive $135 million in vehicle sales and a projected year-on-year revenue growth of over 100% in 2023.

Global Headquarters and Technological Innovation: AutoFlip, with its global headquarters in Melbourne, has tapped into Victoria’s vibrant tech ecosystem with the support of Invest Victoria. This strategic choice has enabled the company to develop new and innovative technologies in the automotive space, further strengthening its market position.

The New Zealand Milestone: The announcement of the New Zealand franchise is a testament to AutoFlip’s rapid growth and strategic vision. Ken and Patrick, bringing over 40 years of combined experience in the automotive sector, are set to spearhead the AutoFlip brand in New Zealand. Takayoshi Udagawa, CEO of AutoFlip, expressed excitement about this new chapter, stating, “We’re thrilled to take this first step in the evolution of AutoFlip.”

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A Strategic and Visionary Partnership: The partnership with Ken and Patrick is not merely a business venture but a shared vision for a more connected and efficient automotive selling and buying solution. This collaboration aims to leverage the technology and operational model developed in Australia to meet the evolving needs of the industry in New Zealand.

Invitation to New Zealand Dealers: AutoFlip is encouraging licensed vehicle dealers in New Zealand to join its expanding dealer network, ahead of the official launch of its platform to private sellers in February 2024. This expansion represents a significant opportunity for local dealers to be part of a transformative automotive marketplace.

About AutoFlip: Founded in Australia and backed by IDOM Innovations, AutoFlip has made a name for itself by prioritizing transparency, innovation, and customer-centric solutions in the used car market. With its roots in the extensive experience of IDOM Inc., AutoFlip has significantly altered the landscape of used car trading.

Conclusion: AutoFlip’s expansion into New Zealand is more than just a business development; it’s a strategic move that is set to redefine the automotive buying and selling experience. As the company accelerates into new territories, it continues to demonstrate its commitment to reshaping the automotive market with smart, innovative solutions.

For More Information: To learn more about AutoFlip and its groundbreaking journey in the automotive industry, visit and

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