Revolutionizing Travel Insurance: Seedly’s New Product A Game-Changer in the Market

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Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Seedly’s travel insurance offers eight complimentary riders, covering everything from child care to adventurous sports, without additional costs.
  • Affordability: With premiums up to 50% lower than competitors, Seedly’s insurance is a budget-friendly option for travelers.
  • Exclusive Promotions: New signups enjoy a 25% discount, free 3GB eSIM, and a chance to win S$600 Klook vouchers until the end of 2023.

Affordable, Comprehensive, and Tailored for Every Traveler

Singapore, November 28, 2023 – In a bold move to reshape the landscape of travel insurance, Seedly, a subsidiary of MoneyHero Group, has launched Seedly Travel Insurance. This groundbreaking product, designed with families and adventure seekers in mind, promises affordability without sacrificing comprehensive coverage.

Redefining Travel Insurance: A Closer Look at Seedly’s Offering

Innovative Coverage Options: Seedly Travel Insurance, available in two tiers – Seedly Travel Safe and Seedly Travel Secure – offers unprecedented coverage. This includes child care, COVID-19 medical expenses, personal accidents, double public transport payout, and much more.

Strategic Partnerships for Enhanced Service: The product is underwritten by HL Assurance Pte. Ltd. and distributed by SingSaver Pte. Ltd., ensuring reliability and quality.

Budget-Friendly Prices with Premium Benefits: Seedly stands out in the market with its cost-effective premiums, up to 50% more affordable than other insurers. Their detailed pricing comparison showcases the significant savings for individual and family plans.

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Seedly’s Vision: A Community-Centric Approach

Insight-Driven Development: Yeap Ming Feng, Head of Seedly, emphasizes the role of community feedback in shaping the product. Seedly’s deep understanding of Singaporean consumers’ needs has led to an insurance solution that aligns with their financial and travel preferences.

MoneyHero Group’s Mission: Prashant Aggarwal, CEO of MoneyHero Group, reiterates the group’s commitment to simplifying personal finance and empowering consumers to make informed decisions.

Exclusive Offers and Easy Access

Limited-Time Promotions: Consumers signing up for Seedly Travel Insurance before December 31, 2023, can avail of a 25% discount, along with a free 3GB eSIM from Airalo and a chance to win S$600 Klook vouchers.

Online Availability: The insurance is exclusively available to Singapore residents, with all the details accessible on their website.

The MoneyHero Group Ecosystem

A Leader in Finance Aggregation and Comparison: MoneyHero Group, listed on Nasdaq as MNY, is a frontrunner in the online personal finance aggregation and comparison sector in Greater Southeast Asia.

Seedly and SingSaver: Pillars of the Group: Seedly, founded in 2016, has been instrumental in helping consumers make smarter financial decisions. SingSaver, since 2015, has matched consumers with suitable financial products, enhancing their financial health.


Comprehensive Tables and Comparisons: Detailed tables provide insights into the pricing, coverage, and benefits of Seedly Travel Insurance compared to other providers in the market.

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