Revolutionizing Team Dynamics: XSEM’s Strategic Hiring Spree Unveiled!

Unveiling the Faces Behind the Strategy: XSEM's Vision for Growth Takes Shape

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Key Takeaways:

  • XSEM bolsters its team for 2024, welcoming Caroline Medcalf as Director of Events and Sarah Symington as Project Director.
  • The agency’s commitment to fostering a culture of growth and well-being sets the stage for a dynamic and inclusive work environment.
  • With a stellar client portfolio and ambitious growth plans, XSEM aims to redefine brand engagement in the North of England and beyond.

Embracing Growth: XSEM’s Strategic Hiring Spree

In a bold move signaling its commitment to innovation and expansion, XSEM, a prominent brand engagement agency based in Leeds, has kickstarted 2024 with a series of strategic hires aimed at fortifying its team and amplifying its presence in the industry. The appointment of Caroline Medcalf as Director of Events and Sarah Symington as Project Director marks a pivotal moment in XSEM’s journey, underscoring its unwavering dedication to excellence and growth.

Caroline Medcalf: Elevating the Events Experience

With a distinguished background in hospitality and events, Caroline Medcalf steps into the newly-created role of Director of Events at XSEM, bringing with her a wealth of industry experience and a penchant for innovation. Reflecting on her decision to join XSEM, Caroline expresses, “From my first meeting with Dan and Michael, I was blown away by their commitment to a culture that places their people firmly at the heart of the business.” Her vision aligns seamlessly with XSEM’s ethos of prioritizing employee well-being and professional development, setting the stage for a transformative collaboration aimed at delivering unparalleled experiences to clients and stakeholders alike.

Dan Bardgett, co-founder and managing director of XSEM, expresses his enthusiasm for Caroline’s appointment, stating, “We’re thrilled to have someone of Caroline’s stature and standing on board, her extensive leadership experience, knowledge and reputation precede her.” Caroline’s arrival heralds a new chapter for XSEM, one defined by innovation, collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

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Sarah Symington: Orchestrating Project Excellence

Joining Caroline in XSEM’s roster of talent is Sarah Symington, appointed as Project Director to spearhead the agency’s ambitious growth initiatives. With a proven track record in senior events and project management roles, Sarah brings a wealth of expertise and insight to her new role. Reflecting on her experience at XSEM, Sarah remarks, “It’s been an incredible start here. I know their values at XSEM are underpinned by ‘making people happy’.” Her dedication to fostering a culture of positivity and collaboration resonates deeply with XSEM’s overarching mission, positioning her as a key catalyst for driving innovation and success within the organization.

Fueling Growth: XSEM’s Vision for 2024 and Beyond

As XSEM embarks on its 21st year, the agency remains steadfast in its commitment to driving growth, innovation, and excellence across its operations. With a diverse client portfolio boasting some of the most recognized international brands, including Madri, Nisa, and PPG, XSEM continues to redefine brand engagement in the North of England and beyond. The agency’s recent accolades, including marketing agency of the year and recognition as a best place to work, underscore its unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation, positioning it as a trailblazer in the competitive landscape of brand engagement.

Charting a Course for Success: XSEM’s Journey Forward

As XSEM charts a course for success in 2024 and beyond, the agency remains committed to fostering a culture of growth, innovation, and collaboration. With Caroline Medcalf and Sarah Symington at the helm of its strategic initiatives, XSEM is poised to redefine brand engagement, elevate client experiences, and drive sustainable growth across its operations.

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