Revolutionizing SME Financing: The Fintech Bank That’s Changing the Game in Italy

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Key Takeaways:

  • Banca AideXa, a fintech bank in Italy, has significantly boosted its growth in 2023, disbursing €670 million in loans to SMEs.
  • The bank’s customer base expanded by 133%, reaching 14,000, including over 4,000 SMEs.
  • AideXa’s innovative approach using AI and digital technologies has set a new standard in the banking sector for SME financing.

“A New Era for SME Financing: Banca AideXa’s Meteoric Rise”

In a remarkable story of growth and innovation, Banca AideXa, Italy’s first fintech bank dedicated exclusively to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has made headlines in 2023. After a year of exponential growth, the bank has more than doubled its loan volumes, client numbers, and funds raised through accounts. With €670 million in loans provided to SMEs and an impressive customer base of 14,000, Banca AideXa stands as a beacon of growth and success in the national financial landscape, particularly against the backdrop of the credit crunch for SMEs.

“Champion of Growth: The Numbers Behind the Success”

Banca AideXa’s success story is one of numbers and significant milestones. In 2023 alone, the bank has seen a +130% growth over 2022, with €50 million in credit disbursed in December only. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the bank’s commitment to supporting entrepreneurial projects and stimulating economic growth in Italy. With an average loan of around €200,000, Banca AideXa has shown a particular belief in smaller businesses, empowering them to thrive in challenging economic conditions.

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“Innovative Financing: The Role of AI and Digital Technology”

One of the key factors behind Banca AideXa’s success is its innovative use of artificial intelligence and digital technologies. The bank’s approach to credit is focused on long-term sustainability, as evidenced by its low cost of credit (1.3% of credit stock). With a 90 percent level of credit automation, AideXa’s AI-based credit engines and models have streamlined the lending process, making it efficient and accessible. This technological prowess has not only enhanced the bank’s operational efficiency but also significantly improved the customer experience.

“Expanding Horizons: Customer Growth and Product Innovation”

Banca AideXa’s growth story extends beyond its lending achievements. The bank has also doubled funding raised through current and deposit accounts, totaling €430 million. This growth has been supported by the launch of innovative products like the X Conto and X Risparmio Libero. The customer base growth by 133% to a total of 14,000, including over 4,000 SMEs, highlights the bank’s expanding influence and the trust it has garnered among entrepreneurs and individual customers alike.

“Leadership Insights: CEO Federico Sforza on AideXa’s Journey”

Federico Sforza, CEO of Banca AideXa, reflects on the bank’s journey with pride. “I am really proud having achieved these outstanding results in 2023,” he comments. His words underscore the dedication and innovative spirit that have been central to AideXa’s conception, foundation, and development. Sforza attributes the bank’s exponential growth to its unique banking model, simple yet effective products, and the utilization of data, AI, and technology.


Banca AideXa’s story in 2023 is not just about numbers; it’s about setting a new standard in SME financing. The bank’s innovative approach, leveraging digital technology and AI, has redefined what is possible in the banking sector. As it continues to grow and evolve, Banca AideXa stands as a testament to the power of innovation and the potential of fintech to transform the financial landscape for SMEs.

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