Revolutionizing Sex Education: Quinky’s Innovative App Takes Gen Z by Storm

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Quinky, an Amsterdam-based start-up, is set to disrupt the field of sex education with its groundbreaking app. With research indicating that over 40% of Gen Z relies on platforms like TikTok and pornography for information about sex, Quinky aims to fill the gap by offering a fun and accessible alternative.

A Revolutionary Approach to Sex Education

Recognizing the need for engaging and efficient sex education for young adults, Quinky has developed an app that provides easy-to-use, science-backed content tailored to individual needs. By creating an app that functions as “the Duolingo for sex,” Quinky seeks to empower Gen Z to make informed decisions and engage in safe and exciting sexual experiences.

Securing Support from Antler

The significance of Quinky’s mission has not gone unnoticed, as it recently became the first sex tech start-up in Europe to secure funding from Antler. The start-up raised €100k in its initial round, marking a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards transforming sex education.

Founders with a Shared Vision

Founders Mariia Plotkina and Neahme Jbaily come from diverse backgrounds but share a common goal: to provide a safe and inclusive space for young adults to access reliable sex education. Plotkina, a former computer science teacher and recipient of the Young Female Entrepreneur 2020 award, recognized the need for quality sex education during her work with high school students. Jbaily, a 24-year-old serial entrepreneur from Lebanon, joined forces with Plotkina to create an outlet for young adults in societies where sex education is stigmatized and taboo.

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Expert Collaboration for Reliable Content

Ensuring the highest standards of content, Quinky collaborates with leading sexologists, including Laura Vowels, a former advisor at Blueheart, one of Quinky’s biggest US competitors. Unlike the content found on social media or in pornography, each task or game on Quinky’s platform is verified by professionals, providing users with accurate and reliable information.

Building a Vibrant Community

Quinky’s key focus for development lies in cultivating a rapidly growing community. To accelerate its growth, the start-up has enlisted the support of interns from the University of Florida, as well as local communities in Amsterdam and Spain, to promote the app. This collaborative effort has already yielded impressive results, with the first Minimum Viable Product (MVP) being tested by 700 students in its inaugural week. Additionally, Quinky is forging partnerships with prominent sex cosmetics brands like aia* and HANX, as well as charities such as Share Network, to strengthen its network and enhance its impact.


Quinky’s ambition to revolutionize sex education aligns with a growing recognition of the importance of comprehensive and inclusive learning in this field. By harnessing the power of technology, Quinky aims to equip Gen Z with the knowledge and tools necessary for healthy sexual experiences. With the support of Antler and its dedicated team of experts, Quinky is poised to make a significant impact on the future of sex education in Europe and beyond.

Website: https://quinky.me/

Facebook: facebook.com/quinkyapp

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/quinky.me/

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