Revolutionizing Renewable Energy: A New Barge That Could Change the Tide of Tidal Energy

HydroWing's Quad Hull Barge: An Ingenious Leap in Tidal Energy Efficiency

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Key Takeaways:

  • HydroWing introduces an innovative Quad Hull Barge to enhance its tidal energy technology.
  • The new design aims to significantly reduce installation and maintenance costs of tidal stream arrays.
  • HydroWing’s advancement could be a game-changer for commercial tidal energy, promoting sustainable growth.

The Dawn of a New Era in Tidal Energy

HydroWing, a pioneering force in tidal energy, has unveiled a breakthrough in renewable energy technology: the Quad Hull Barge. This unique innovation is set to dramatically lower the cost barriers associated with the installation and maintenance of tidal stream array technology, potentially revolutionizing the industry.

Addressing the Cost Challenge in Tidal Energy

Historically, the tidal energy sector has grappled with high operational and maintenance expenses. HydroWing’s latest technology confronts this challenge, offering a cost-effective and scalable solution. Richard Parkinson, MD of Inyanga Marine Energy Group, the parent company of HydroWing, highlights the significance of this development: “Deployment, recovery, and operations and maintenance are large factors in determining the levelized cost of electricity. Our new Quad Hull Barge is specifically designed to tackle this issue, driving down costs and ensuring effective maintenance at low cost with reduced downtime.”

The Quad Hull Barge: A Technical Marvel

The Quad Hull Barge stands out with its unique design, featuring four hulls connected by crossbeams and arch support beams. This design allows for a significant increase in load width limits, offering a safer and more efficient operational process. Parkinson adds, “The width of the load can be independent of the vessel width. This reduces offshore handling and makes the operation much safer.”

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Advantages of the Quad Hull Barge

The Quad Hull Barge is not just an engineering feat but also a model of versatility and efficiency. Its modular design allows for easy transportation and assembly at the site. Furthermore, the design is scalable, making it suitable for larger turbines. Each of the four pontoons weighs 25 tonnes and can be transported by road, cutting manufacturing costs. Its low-drag feature and ease of towing make it compatible with small, locally available tugs, further reducing operational costs.

Impact on the Tidal Energy Sector

HydroWing’s innovation is expected to have a profound impact on the tidal energy sector. The Quad Hull Barge enables servicing of HydroWing tidal energy arrays using existing port infrastructure, eliminating the need for major new investment. This aspect is crucial for ensuring profitable growth in the tidal energy sector.

Patenting Innovation

Recognizing the uniqueness and potential of their Quad Hull Barge design, HydroWing has filed a patent application to protect it. This move not only secures their innovation but also underscores the company’s commitment to advancing renewable energy technologies.

About Inyanga Marine Energy Group

Inyanga Marine Energy Group, headquartered in Falmouth, UK, with offices in Rennes, France, and Anglesey, Wales, operates two divisions: HydroWing, focusing on tidal energy technology development, and Inyanga Maritime, specializing in offshore engineering and installation. The group aims to deploy the innovative HydroWing tidal energy converter to provide reliable and cost-effective power globally.

HydroWing’s Tidal Energy Technology

HydroWing’s technology involves a supporting structure placed on the seabed, with turbines mounted on ‘wings’ that are lowered into position. This straightforward deployment method, combined with bi-directional turbines generating power with tidal movements, makes HydroWing a promising solution in tidal energy. The Morlais project in Anglesey, the UK’s largest consented tidal energy scheme, will feature this innovative technology.

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The Future of Tidal Energy

HydroWing’s advancements in tidal energy, particularly with the introduction of the Quad Hull Barge, are steps towards making tidal energy a viable and cost-effective part of the renewable energy mix. As the world strives for net-zero targets, technologies like HydroWing could play a crucial role in harnessing the power of the tides.


HydroWing’s Quad Hull Barge represents a significant stride in the journey towards sustainable and commercially viable tidal energy. This innovation could be a turning point, lowering the barriers to entry and making tidal energy a more attractive option in the renewable energy sector. With its groundbreaking design and cost-effective approach, HydroWing is poised to unlock the commercial potential of tidal energy worldwide.

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