Revolutionizing Luxury Packaging: A Major Player’s Bold Move into IoT

The Integration of High-Tech IoT Solutions in Luxury Packaging and Labels

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Key Takeaways:

  1. The Fedrigoni Group acquires a minority stake in IoT solutions company SharpEnd / as part of their venture capital program.
  2. This acquisition enhances Fedrigoni’s portfolio in smart labels and papers, complementing their recent acquisitions in the same field.
  3. SharpEnd /’s SaaS platform,, manages billions of touchpoints across packaging and retail, signaling a new era in connected consumer experiences.

A Strategic Expansion in IoT and Connected Solutions

The Fedrigoni Group, a global leader in specialty papers for luxury packaging and self-adhesive materials, has announced a significant expansion into the Internet of Things (IoT) space with the acquisition of an equity stake in SharpEnd / This move is part of Fedrigoni’s new corporate venture capital program aimed at accelerating innovation and acquiring new technologies.

SharpEnd / Pioneering IoT in Consumer Engagement

Founded in 2015, SharpEnd / is recognized as the world’s first IoT agency, dedicated to evolving products, packaging, and customer engagement through connected solutions. The company’s proprietary SaaS platform, launched in 2019, manages billions of touchpoints across packaging and retail, serving global brands in various sectors.

Synergizing with Fedrigoni’s Vision and Portfolio

Marco Nespolo, CEO of the Fedrigoni Group, emphasizes the strategic importance of this acquisition: “The world of connected products is increasingly strategic for us. This deal synergizes with our recent acquisitions and will enhance our solutions portfolio in smart labels and papers.” This acquisition complements Fedrigoni’s recent expansion into smart labels, including their purchases of Tageos and the Grenoble R&D Center.

Cameron Worth’s Vision for a Connected World

Cameron Worth, founder and CEO of SharpEnd /, comments on the partnership: “Fedrigoni and SharpEnd / is a perfect match in this connected world. The potential synergies with Fedrigoni’s specialty papers and premium labels are countless.” He expresses excitement about the partnership, highlighting the growth opportunities provided by Fedrigoni’s global network.

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Fedrigoni’s Legacy and Expansion

Fedrigoni, founded in 1888, has established itself as a top player in labels, self-adhesive materials, and high-value-added papers. With a workforce of over 5,000 across 28 countries and a presence in 132 countries, the Group has expanded through several strategic acquisitions, positioning itself as a global leader in various sectors of the paper and labeling industry.

SharpEnd / A Global IoT Leader

SharpEnd /, with its presence in the UK and US, has grown rapidly as an IoT partner for consumer brands. Utilizing technologies like NFC, QR codes, and Augmented Reality, the company has developed connected experiences in packaging and retail. Its platform is used in over 130 countries, offering real-time insights and data through its management consoles.

Conclusion: A Future of Connected Consumer Experiences

The partnership between Fedrigoni and SharpEnd / marks a new chapter in the luxury packaging and labeling industry. This collaboration not only enhances Fedrigoni’s product offerings but also signifies a shift towards more interactive and connected consumer experiences in the luxury market. As businesses increasingly recognize the value of IoT in enhancing customer engagement, this acquisition sets a precedent for future innovations in the industry.

For more information on Fedrigoni and SharpEnd /, visit and This partnership showcases the evolving landscape of consumer engagement, where technology and tradition converge to create innovative and immersive experiences.

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