Revolutionizing Investment Management: How One Firm is Redefining the Future of Thematic Investing

New Hires and Strategic Focus Propel Leading Investment Manager into the Next Era of Global Trends

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Key Takeaways:

  • Strategic Team Expansion: Sarasin & Partners fortifies its investment team with seasoned professionals, Edward Lloyd and Jack Brodie, enhancing its Model Portfolio Service and private markets expertise.
  • Thematic Investment Focus: Emphasizing key global trends like digitalization, automation, and climate change, the firm positions itself at the forefront of future-oriented investing.
  • Diverse Clientele Service: Offering tailored solutions for charities, private clients, intermediaries, and institutions, Sarasin & Partners showcases its commitment to diverse investment needs and long-term value creation.


In the ever-evolving world of investment management, one firm stands out with its recent strategic decisions aimed at reshaping the landscape of thematic investing. Sarasin & Partners, a well-regarded global thematic investment manager, has announced the addition of two pivotal members to its team, signaling a renewed commitment to staying ahead in a rapidly changing market.

Expanding the Team with Industry Veterans

The Addition of Edward Lloyd

Edward Lloyd joins Sarasin & Partners as a Senior Investment Manager, bringing a wealth of experience from his tenure at Quilter Cheviot. His expertise in managing investments for a diverse range of clients including private clients, trusts, and charities is set to enhance the firm’s Model Portfolio Service (MPS).

Jack Brodie’s Entry to the Team

Alongside Lloyd, Jack Brodie has been welcomed as an investment analyst to the Sarasin Bread Street team. His background in private markets from his previous roles adds a significant dimension to the firm’s capabilities in providing clients access to unique investment opportunities.

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Thematic Investing: A Focus on Future Trends

Sarasin & Partners’ investment philosophy revolves around identifying and capitalizing on five key global trends: digitalization, automation, ageing, evolving consumption, and climate change. This thematic approach aims to pinpoint companies that are likely to benefit from these long-term shifts, offering clients innovative investment solutions.

Holistic Services for a Diverse Client Base

The firm’s dedication to offering comprehensive services is evident in its range of tailored investment solutions. Catering to charities, private clients, and institutions, Sarasin & Partners demonstrates an exceptional ability to adapt to varying client needs while maintaining a focus on long-term value creation.

Recent Strategic Moves and Their Impact

The recent appointments of Alastair Baker as Multi-Asset Fund Manager and Cédric Phounpadith as Head of Investment Risk further underscore the firm’s commitment to strengthening its team and enhancing its investment strategies.

The Future of Thematic Investing

As the investment landscape continues to evolve, Sarasin & Partners’ focus on thematic investing positions it well to capitalize on significant global shifts. The firm’s strategy, centered on identifying and leveraging long-term trends, sets a new standard in the world of investment management.


In conclusion, Sarasin & Partners’ latest strategic moves mark a significant step in its journey to redefine thematic investing. With a strong team in place and a clear focus on future trends, the firm is poised to offer unparalleled investment solutions to its diverse clientele.

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