Revolutionizing Aid: Pocket Planet Joins Forces with London’s Air Ambulance Charity

A Groundbreaking Partnership Paving the Way for Advanced Emergency Services

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Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Collaboration: Pocket Planet pairs with London’s Air Ambulance Charity, aiming to raise £15 million.
  • Enhancing Emergency Services: Funds to add two cutting-edge Airbus H-135 T3H helicopters to the fleet.
  • Community and Corporate Synergy: This partnership showcases a unique blend of business and social responsibility.

A New Era of Corporate Responsibility

LONDON, UK – In a remarkable display of corporate social responsibility, the renowned leisure experience developer, Pocket Planet, has announced a significant partnership with London’s Air Ambulance Charity. This collaboration is set to redefine the intersection of business and community service.

The Objective: A Lifesaving Mission

The essence of this alliance lies in the ‘Up Against Time Appeal’ initiated by London’s Air Ambulance Charity. The ambitious goal is to raise a staggering £15 million. These funds are earmarked for a crucial cause – replacing the charity’s existing helicopters with two advanced Airbus H-135 T3H models. Scheduled for deployment in 2024, these helicopters will significantly enhance the emergency services available to Londoners.

Pocket Planet: A Visionary in Leisure and Philanthropy

Pocket Planet, poised to become London’s favorite tourist attraction, is not just about leisure and retail. Opening in Spring 2024 at 500 Oxford Street, this attraction extends beyond its 20,000 square-foot retail space and café. It’s an immersive journey through a ‘miniverse’ – showcasing iconic buildings, landmarks, and landscapes from London and around the globe.

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Community at the Heart of Business

Leo Vlassopulos, Head of Marketing, Brand and IP at Pocket Planet, emphasizes the company’s commitment to community welfare. “Our partnership with London’s Air Ambulance Charity is a testament to our dedication to Londoners’ safety and security,” he states. This initiative is just the beginning, with plans to support additional charities and collaborate with major brands in the future.

A Partnership with Purpose

More Than Just Funding: An Immersive Experience

The synergy between Pocket Planet and London’s Air Ambulance Charity goes beyond traditional fundraising. Visitors to Pocket Planet will experience an interactive animation of the London Air Ambulance within the miniature London model. This not only educates but also provides an avenue for visitors to contribute directly to the cause.

A Retail Venture with a Heart

Complementing this experience, Pocket Planet’s 10,000 square-foot retail store, opening in Spring 2024, will feature official LAA helicopter models. These aren’t just souvenirs; they’re symbols of the partnership’s deeper commitment to saving lives.

The Voice of Gratitude: London’s Air Ambulance Charity Speaks

Jennie Chmura, Senior Corporate Development Manager at the charity, praises Pocket Planet’s unique approach to fundraising. “Their innovative methods, combined with a vast visitor base, will significantly boost our efforts to continue providing vital services across London,” she remarks.

Looking Ahead: A Blueprint for Corporate-Community Partnerships

A Future Paved with Collaborative Efforts

This partnership is just the beginning for Pocket Planet. With plans for more high-profile collaborations before its launch next year, the company is setting a new standard in how businesses can meaningfully engage with and support their communities.

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The Bigger Picture: Beyond Business

This initiative stands as a shining example of how corporate entities can play a pivotal role in societal advancement. It’s a compelling narrative of how innovative thinking in the business world can have a profound impact on public services, particularly in times of emergency.

For more information on this groundbreaking partnership and to learn how you can contribute, visit Pocket Planet and the London’s Air Ambulance Charity’s ‘Up Against Time’ Appeal.

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