Revolutionary Glaucoma Treatment: Ciliatech Unveils Enhanced CID Device Amidst Patent Boost!

Ciliatech's Groundbreaking CID Device Offers Safer, More Effective Solution for Glaucoma Patients

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Key Takeaways:

  • Ciliatech announces the release of an improved CID design for glaucoma treatment after reinforcing its patent portfolio.
  • The second-generation CID offers enhanced performance, safety, and ease of surgical procedure.
  • Preliminary clinical study results show significant IOP reduction and the potential for treating more advanced glaucoma cases.

Introduction: Ciliatech, an ophthalmology medtech company, is transforming the treatment landscape for glaucoma with the release of its second-generation CID (Cilioscleral Interpositioning Device). Following the filing of additional patents, this innovative device is set to make cilioscleral surgical procedures less invasive while preserving the anterior chamber of the eye.

Advancements in CID Design: The new design modifications in CID focus on improving performance and safety. These changes include alterations in the shape and geometry of the device, resulting in smaller incisions, reduced trauma to the eye, and better protection of the conjunctiva.

Clinical Trial Success: In the SAFARI III clinical study, the second-generation CID demonstrated better IOP control at 13.9mmHg compared to 15.1mmHg with the first-generation model. Over 85% of patients in the study reported being medication-free post-operation, indicating the device’s effectiveness in reducing intraocular pressure without reliance on medication.

CID: A Non-Resorbable, Lifetime Implant: CID is crafted from 26% hydrophilic acrylic, ensuring long-term biocompatibility. The device features a unique design tailored to adapt to variations in iris diameter and maximize aqueous circulation. It’s a single-piece implant, 6mm long, 3.5mm wide, and 500µm thick, providing a sustainable solution for glaucoma treatment.

The Cilioscleral Procedure with CID: CID’s application involves two full-thickness scleral incisions, positioning the device below the sclera, and suturing the incisions to prevent conjunctival filtration. This technique spares the conjunctiva and focuses only on the necessary areas, making the procedure less invasive and more precise.

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Ciliatech’s Vision and Leadership: Founded in 2017 by Philippe Sourdille, an ophthalmic surgeon, and Olivier Benoit, a seasoned engineer and biotech entrepreneur, Ciliatech aims to provide a durable and adverse effect-free treatment for glaucoma. The company’s commitment to advancing glaucoma care is evident in its pioneering CID concept and ongoing clinical trials.

The Future of Glaucoma Treatment: With the launch of the SAFARI IV trial on its second-generation implant, Ciliatech is poised to offer a transformative solution for glaucoma patients. The CID device’s unique approach to utilizing the natural uveoscleral pathway without altering the eye’s anterior segment presents a promising future in glaucoma care.

Conclusion: Ciliatech’s enhanced CID device marks a significant milestone in glaucoma treatment, offering a safer, more effective alternative to traditional methods. With its innovative design and promising clinical results, the CID device is set to change the way glaucoma is treated, providing hope to millions affected by this condition.

For More Information: For further details about Ciliatech and its CID device for glaucoma treatment, please visit

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