Revealed: The Top Cities Where Independent Businesses Are Thriving!

Unveiling the Hotspots: A Comprehensive Look at the Best Cities for Independent Businesses in the UK

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Key Takeaways:

  • London, Bristol, and Birmingham emerge as the top three cities in the UK for independent businesses.
  • The study by SumUp factors in the number of independent businesses and their average review scores to rank cities.
  • Quality and quantity of independent businesses play a crucial role in determining a city’s suitability for entrepreneurs.

Subtitle: Unveiling the Hotspots: A Comprehensive Look at the Best Cities for Independent Businesses in the UK

In a dynamic business landscape where entrepreneurship reigns supreme, the quest to identify the most conducive environments for independent businesses has taken center stage. SumUp, a leading fintech company, has unveiled a comprehensive report highlighting the top cities in the UK where independent ventures flourish. From London’s bustling streets to the vibrant neighborhoods of Bristol and Birmingham, entrepreneurs are finding fertile ground to sow the seeds of success.

London Leads the Pack: A Haven for Independent Ventures

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets of the capital, London emerges as the undisputed champion for independent businesses. Boasting an impressive array of 213 beauty salons, 201 barber shops, and 166 coffee shops, London secures the top spot with a stellar score of 8.55 for the number of independent businesses it hosts. The city’s cosmopolitan vibe and diverse consumer base create a thriving ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive and innovate.

Bristol Takes Second Place: Quality Over Quantity

While Bristol may not boast the highest number of independent businesses, it shines brightly with its exceptional average review scores. With an average rating of 6.35, Bristol surpasses its counterparts in delivering quality services across various industries. From barber shops to beauty salons and bakeries, Bristol’s commitment to excellence underscores its status as a haven for discerning consumers and ambitious entrepreneurs alike.

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Birmingham Ranks Third: A Beacon of Opportunity in the Heart of England

Nestled in the heart of England, Birmingham emerges as a formidable contender in the realm of independent businesses. With a commendable score of 4.1 for average reviews and 7.45 for the number of independent businesses, Birmingham embodies the spirit of innovation and resilience. As a vibrant cultural hub teeming with diverse opportunities, Birmingham beckons entrepreneurs to embark on transformative journeys and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

Spotlight on Belfast: Quality Trumps Quantity

Despite ranking last in terms of the number of independent businesses, Belfast shines brightly with its exceptional average review scores. With a stellar rating of 6.1, Belfast epitomizes the essence of quality over quantity, demonstrating that excellence knows no bounds. As entrepreneurs flock to its picturesque streets, Belfast emerges as a beacon of opportunity and possibility in the entrepreneurial landscape.

Insights from SumUp: Elevating Independent Businesses Beyond Financial Technology

Corin Camenisch, Product Marketing Lead at SumUp, sheds light on the significance of supporting independent businesses beyond financial technology. He remarks, “The quality of the businesses reflected by customer reviews is a powerful indicator of both success and satisfaction within each city.” By providing valuable insights and spotlighting the best cities for business growth, SumUp aims to empower entrepreneurs to navigate the competitive landscape with confidence and clarity.

For more information, please visit: SumUp’s Business Guide

Methodology: The data was pulled from Google Maps in January 2024. The study considers cities with three or fewer of the same independent stores across the United Kingdom/city. Chains and franchises are excluded from the ranking. The methodology involves ranking 80 cities in the UK based on their suitability for independent businesses, considering factors such as the number of businesses and their average reviews.

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About SumUp: SumUp is a leading global financial technology company committed to leveling the playing field for small businesses. With a presence in over 36 markets worldwide, SumUp serves as the financial partner for more than 4 million small merchants, providing comprehensive solutions to start, run, and grow their businesses. For more information, visit

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