Revealed: The Surprisingly Risky World of Everyday Professions – Who’s Most at Risk?

Revealed: The Surprisingly Risky World of Everyday Professions - Who's Most at Risk?

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Data from Simply Business shows domestic cleaners among the top 4 riskiest professions for accidents at work.
  2. Builders, painters & decorators, and carpenters lead the list of UK’s most hazardous small businesses.
  3. Nurses emerge as one of the least likely professions to experience workplace accidents.


The glittering spectacle of shows like Dancing on Ice often overshadows the inherent risks associated with such performances. While the focus tends to be on celebrity mishaps, a recent study by Simply Business, a leading insurer of over 900,000 small businesses and landlords, sheds light on the daily risks faced by small business professionals across the UK.

The Unexpected Risks in Familiar Professions

Domestic Cleaners: A High-Risk Category Contrary to common perceptions, domestic cleaners have been identified as one of the most accident-prone professions. Accounting for nearly one in 10 personal accident claims, their job has proven to be more hazardous than that of roofers or plasterers, traditionally considered more dangerous.

Regional Hotspots for Claims Claims data indicate that the Midlands and North East England see a higher incidence of accidents among cleaners, highlighting regional variances in workplace risks.

Builders and Decorators at the Top Builders, painters & decorators, and carpenters rank as the top three professions most likely to file a personal accident claim. This underscores the physical risks inherent in these trades.

Nurses: A Beacon of Safety Interestingly, nursing, a profession often associated with high-stress and potential hazards, accounts for less than 1% of personal accident claims, suggesting robust safety protocols in the healthcare sector.

Top 10 Riskiest Small Businesses

  1. Builder
  2. Painter & Decorator
  3. Carpenter
  4. Cleaner – Domestic
  5. Garden Maintenance
  6. Handyman (Property Maintenance)
  7. Joiners
  8. Plasterer
  9. Landscape Gardening
  10. Property Maintenance/Handyman
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Ten SMEs Least Likely to Have an Accident

  1. Chiropodist
  2. Pet Grooming
  3. Restaurant – Licensed
  4. Healthcare Assistant
  5. Sports/Personal Trainer
  6. Beautician
  7. Barber Shop
  8. Locksmith
  9. Caterer
  10. Nurse

The Crucial Role of Business Insurance

Alan Thomas, UK CEO at Simply Business, emphasizes the importance of business insurance in providing peace of mind for small business owners. “Protecting over 900,000 small businesses and landlords gives us first-hand insight into the range of – often unexpected – hazards facing the self-employed at work,” Thomas notes. He stresses that for smaller enterprises, lacking the financial cushion of larger companies, insurance is vital to trade with confidence.

About Simply Business

Simply Business, launched in 2005, has grown to be one of the UK’s leading business insurance providers. With a focus on public liability insurance for SMEs, they cover over 1,200 trade types, from plumbers to accountants. Their commitment to using tech and data for optimal customer experiences has positioned them as a major player in the industry. Recognized as an accredited B Corp and awarded the Sunday Times Best Company To Work For twice, Simply Business is at the forefront of combining business acumen with social responsibility.


The insights provided by Simply Business paint a vivid picture of the risk landscape for small businesses in the UK. While shows like Dancing on Ice bring the drama of physical risk to our screens, it’s the everyday risks faced by professionals like cleaners, builders, and decorators that remind us of the importance of workplace safety and the value of reliable business insurance.

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